welcome back law school admissions essay expert Eileen Conner, founder of Pen and Chisel, who has some timely advice on the dreaded Why School X? Fourteen grumpy doctors

stare across an enormous oak conference table. News World Report uses acceptance rates as one of its metrics in ranking law schools. Why is it important? Although many can say theyve lived a life that falls somewhere outside the confines of what is considered normal, even more are just ordinary, every day people, who have lived ordinary, every day lives. Instead of just determining what general role youd like to play, think about who you would like to be working with and the overall effect youd like to have. What should I include in this essay? Got an admissions question for Eileen? If, for some reason, you feel that the optional essay will be the weakest part of your application, then you definitely should consider omitting the assignment. Get started, and ensure you're spending your time wisely! Leave it in the comments! Are academic writing skills swot The Essays Really Optional? Q: One of my target law schools requires a supplemental essay that discusses why its the best school for. Optional essays give you, the applicant, yet another chance to show admissions who you are and what youre made of beyond the numbers. Drop us a line. In this essay, you should argue that a particular law school and its programs are right for you.

Will skipping the optional essay negatively why x law school essay impact my application. If you have to force an optional essay. An essay youre truly proud. However, youre applying to a major safety school. This comes up quite often with diversity essays. Lest you drag the rest of your application down with. Dont write about the same thing in your Diversity Essay.

I was rightit did, check them out here, to create a successful Why X School. Check out our law school tutoring options at the. I learned to clearly state my position and support it with persuasive evidence.

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Although I will miss my grumpy physicians, I look forward to the time when, groggy from a late night at the law library, I will stare at my professor across a crowded lecture hall.You feel like your optional essay will be the weakest part of your application.