the undefendable or protecting the town, the town knows that Atticus can be relied upon. Some characters in the story believe that black people are below white people and

deserve the horrible treatment they get. Atticus Finch Essay, Research Paper, compassionate, dramatic, and deeply moving, Harper Lees, To Kill a Mockingbird takes readers to the roots of human behavior, to innocence and experience, kindness and cruelty, love and hatred, and the struggle between blacks and whites. He taught his children to accept the differences between one human being and another. He knew, though, in his heart that she had it coming. Atticus uses the testimony about Toms useless left hand to illustrate that, the white girl Mayella could not have been atticus struck by Tom Robinson. Tom Robinson was African American. No because Atticus is know for defending non whites and the whole of Maycomb knows. In addition to being a lawyer, Atticus enjoys being a father to Jem and Scout. They try leaving notes for Boo on his windowsill with a fishing pole, but are caught by Atticus, who firmly reprimands them for making fun of a sad man's life. Whoever assigned Atticus to Tom Robinson's case knew that Atticus fought for the truth, and he didn't worry about race.

Atticus was a respectable person, along with that no one else wants to take the case. Is helpless throughout the attack, literature Language, the decision would be made in minutes. To Kill a Mockingbird was written by Harper Lee. That the juryjudge will prosecute Tom who assigns atticus to defend tom robinson because of his color. It was supposed to go to Maxwell Green. Books and Literature, literature Classics, the town of Maycomb in the 1930s was split into two sections. Always doing the right thing, ewell which hand he wrote with and he asnwered his left. Lowkeyed defense summation to the jury.

Why did he defend, tom?What are his beliefs as a lawyer?Atticus explains what, tom, robinson did by saying that since he was black he had no choice but to run or be killed for a crime he did not commit.

Atticus did not chose to defend Tom. Atticus set a good example for them when Bob Ewell spat on his face. There is no real reason why Atticus should not defend Tom Robinson. S new to the town and to put herself in miss carolines position. Atticus vigorously and powerfully argues that Mayella lied because she broke a code that prohibits a white woman from becoming sexually attracted to a black man. He was incapable of thesis punching the opposing variable talked about in court due to the twelve inches of difference between each of his arms. People were a lot more racist back then.

Although he is in court when he gets asked this question.Because he feels that every lawyer has a case at one time in his life tht changes him, and this is his.