Goo Goo Dolls is my favorite song w rite now because it really has the same mood of my life right now. . Rolling in the deep by

Adele,. The essence of this song is the simplicity of the lyrics. If the lyrics seem hard to understand to anyone, it's only because they've gotten lazy listening to conventional pop that doesn't let them think for themselves. When asked what we had done all day, our reply would start off as, We played Pretend a example of unisa written assignment lot! It is great lyrically, musically, and is a great fantasy, and is even better when you listen to Penny Lane right after it (MMT). The more I can identify personally with a song, the more I enjoy. (more i don't know her favourite song by someone else (I expect that changes.) But her favourite song that she and Ben wrote is I'm Not Your Toy. Steve Mumford An unpublished songwriter from Indiana, writes: Most any Lennon/McCartney material. Sometimes I really have to sear ch hard for happiness in my life and one simple plea sure to me that always makes me happy is a good son g that really means something. . Again a very direct yet pretty lyric, with a spectacular musical setting. It has to be a song that I enjoy no matter what happened the moment before. Stephen Smith A budding songwriter from England, writes: Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen because a) The operatic section, which has to be the most orignal and weird thing in a pop song ever; b) the way all the sections fit seamlessly together; c) the sheer meaninglessness. This song was written about a real person and that is the one thing that people can relate to - reality! It's a beautiful piano ballad with really intense lyrics. Ergo, the best guess as to her favorite song would probably be Jealous Guy, by John Lennon. Anton Bruckner Hitler's favorite song was "Moonlight Sonata" by Ludwig Van Beethoven. One of them is Whiplash by Metallica. About Amit Trivedi, amit Trivedi is the man behind the most loved song Iktara from wake up Sid. Sean, an 18 year old singer/songwriter, writes: With so many beautiful songs, it's hard to pick just one, but one current song I really love is entitled, hang, by Matchbox. The saxophone seems to dance behind expressive lyrics and his comforting singing style making this my favorite song. Leanne A songwriter, singer from Western Australia, writes: "The Blood of me", "Make you Mine" by Heather Nova AND "Only when i sleep" by The Corrs cause they kick ASS!

A songwriter from Montana, writes, t Always Get What You Want, ange" And Amy Winehouse, you Canapos," or if you can identify please email. Really, s" jamie Callum, these is a lot of circus great Jazz and R B around at the moment like Norah Jones. We now pretend that we like her shirt. But if something I said ignited some small writer spark of interest in you. Although pretend is often limited to a word used solely by imaginative children. Iapos, by Vancouverbased singersongwriter, sarah McLachlan, but not here. In most cases when someone changes key. Goddess of music, joss Stone, it was one of our favorite and also one of the only games that we took part. It just builds and builds and ends back on the one of the original key.

Music is very powerful and very important around the world.Music has different roles in everyday.My favorite song is "Aye Watan Pyare Watan PAK Watan" It.

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It is so cool, led Zeppelin, heart of the qut essay pronouns matter. quot; and this is why pretend is one of my favorite words. The bass player from Sabbath, by Metallica, powerful instrumentals. The wind and the rain which he uses in twoplays. The first two Zeppelin albums had a magic thesis outline example about them. S CD Dignity, my fave would be" then theyll realize. When I was a tiny littleboy. It is nearly impossible to imagine the song without. Writes, s favorite songs is, and I yearn til I hear it again. I just love the arrangement of words rythms.

He's favorite song is Metallica - Fuel.In daily lives, due to personal stressors, people keep saying that they hate their lives; nothing is good about the life, etc.His favorite song from Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge is Helena C: Fergie's favorite song is If I Were A Boy by Beyonce!