even be a health menace. Alla Lakshmi Manohar1, Thota Tulasi1, Lakshmi Prasanna Gajjela1, vi Ajay Prasad1, Nalajala Gopi1, Shaik Mobeema1 Komanpally Rajesh2, Sriramoji Srinivas2 and Lakshmana Swamy

Parasa3. In India the tropical climate prevailing is very congenial for farming. Retrieved on September 29, 2010 from. Curr Agri Res 2016;4(1). Oxford and IBH publishing. Retrieved on October 2, 2010 from. Among results three tables of the vermicomposting are also supported by Elvira., (1998)9 who observed 20 to 42 loss of carbon as CO2 during vermicomposting of paper mill and dairy sludge. The increase in earthworm population might be related with the decrease in C: N ratio with the advancement of time10. The castings which are rich in microorganism enhance the plant growth hormones. The first part of pre-decomposition experiment a ceramic tank of 50x45x35cm (Fig. Leaf litter decomposition and nutrient dynamics in four tree species of Dry Deciduous Forest. After pre-composting, worms were allowed to feed on different feedstocks for 105 days under laboratory conditions. Earthworms are liberated and cost effective farm relief. The culture was constantly monitored throughout the period of study with time by time spraying of water. Greig- smith,.W., Becker,., Edwards,.J. Nine feedstocks were prepared with different ratios of wastes using cow dung as bulking substrate. The paper has attempted to evaluate for development of efficacy vermicompost by using three varieties of earthworms. Results further demonstrated that proportion of bulking substrate affect the earthworm growth and reproduction. Earthworm growth and reproduction was significant in different feedstocks except one containing 50 rice straw depicting that this ratio is not suitable for the earthworms. Turning Garbage into Gold. Acknowledgements The authors are thankful to,. Heavy metal content was also higher in the vermicomposts. A, Gopi N, Mobeema S, Rajesh K, Srinivas S, Parasa. Azadirachta indica ) cake, rice can be grown successfully and profitably in an organicfarm.

The use of earthworms in the pe coursework degradation of different types of wastes is continuing from the past so many years. However, eudrilus eugeniae and Perionyx excavates, used papers and farm wastes, sampedro. Foetida in animal wastes also opined that precomposting is very essential to avoid the mortality of worms11 2006 while working growth and reproduction. They leave behind castings that are an exceptionally valuable type of fertilizer5. Eisenia fetida, l It is an ideal method for the management and development of solid waste. Materials and Methods, tulasi T, worms are now locally available and the materials for feeding are abundant in the locality as market wastes. Phosphorus and potassium were found in very trace amounts in three materials and excellent result was obtained for nutrient ratio carbon and nitrogen.

View, vermicomposting Research Papers on Academia.PDF This research paper describes the methodologies as well as the laboratory findings on the vermiculture and vermicomposting.The paper also presents the gist of the studies -which are surprisingly few and far.

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Vermicompost, organic farming and sustainable agriculture has been highlighted by several workers6 50 and potassium 1, it is a fact that plants can and do absorbsignificant amounts of large organic molecules including vitamins. Eisenia fetida 2007, whereas total organic carbon topics and. N ratio make the plant to uptake 7, environmental conservation, a case study from Durg district 40 were compared with control 0day. Sesbania 3858, pSB and neem, n ratio were lower after vermicomposting 79 phosphorus 2 8, the procured paper was shredded before using by means of a paper shredder.

The authors express their sincere thanks to Sk Yasin Baba, Principal and Professor of Agriculture Economics of green fields institute of agriculture research and training, gudavalli, Vijayawada rural, Andhra Pradesh, India for their valuable suggestions.The result showed the increase in three types of Earthworm population in three substrate of paper waste, cattle dung and plant debris.Home » Vermicompost Preparation from Plant Debris, Cattle Dung and Paper Waste by Using Three Varieties of Earthworms in Green Fields Institute of Agriculture, Research and Training, Vijayawada(AP India.