community with continuous access to important localised social services and support networks. Social agency chaze weihao ding Email: Phone: Redfern Art Factory How can we successfully create local art

communities and encourage the artists to support Diversity in Redfern? The buildings followed suit built to the boundaries, they defined the square as an outdoor room. Finally though, I would like to offer exhibition the Facultys congratulations to our graduating cohort. The design focused on engaging and connecting the public domain to the building footprint, encouraging visitors to circulate around the program freely and without interrupting other users. G IN US HO XUE TAO Email: Phone: THE riverfront high-rise housing HOW TO USE cycling TO removes urban density? S ON ITI ND CA UR yenn yinn (claire) LIM Email: Phone: Spark: Engage Innovate Collaborate How can we rethink innovative spaces for public engagement in science, education and culture? The proposed building located at the corner of George and Alfred Streets, integrates this green ribbon and extends it skywards. While simply copying nature can sometimes be useful, it is through creative abstraction of nature that leads to innovative problem-solving solutions. Further, its provision, particularly where greater densities are projected and planned for, architecture lacks diversity or the capacity to change over time. Universities across the globe are launching ambitious, long-term programs that include establishing innovative state of the art academic buildings to attract students. This project proposes that Circular Quay, an accessible transit hub, and cultural district, is the ideal location for an iconic vertical school for Sydney. The location for this studio is a block at the corner of Redfern Street and Pitt Street, an area comprising the challenges of inclusion and exclusion, wellbeing and ill-health, and immense creativity, but also neglect. Image opposite - Axonometric of Site Image above - Entrance from Redfern Street Image below - Courtyard 148.

Inside out outside in How can we bring the activity and vibrancy of the ground into the sky. Where social interactions take place, to encourage a variety of uses. The greatest effect on those socially displaced is how they question their right to be in a place based on their access to everyday goods and services of notability is food. Image opposite Ground Floor Plan Image above Sectional Perspective Image below View of Western Elevation. The current housing stock in Campsie is predominantly made up of single houses and walkup flats. Our Masters of Architecture program provides a framework where the opportunities and challenges that our cities face can be explored. This corridor connects with the Sydney bicycle way. Such as the graduate institute and innovation incubator. And it could be enhanced with beautiful outdoor views.

The, university of, new South Wales, master of, architecture graduate exhibition, Utopia Redux, will open on 1 December 2016.The 2016 exhibition has a broad vision and considered understanding of the socio-cultural and economic context which influence the making of architecrure in conjunction with the concept of utopia.The, university of, new South Wales, Bachelor of Interior, architecture (BIA) program presents its annual Graduation.

Unsw architecture graduate exhibition thesis

5 billion people to urban populations by 2050. A campus should be designed to respond and adapt. Suburban Utopia How can hybrid buildings reinvigorate our cities. The aim is to explore completion opportunities for developing resilience by weaving wellbeing and inclusion though creativity. Technology changed our traditional education system. The healthy skyscraper How can the built online environment of Circular Quay be improved to have a positive effect on occupant and public health and wellbeing. The size of these developments together with the lack of connection between residents and between residents and the public realm evident in current residential development of this scale pose significant issues for social interaction and the development of community.

The focus is to remove this cloud of mystery and paranoia that is associated with a nuclear site and make ansto accessible to the public.Alternatively, the Hub challenges the common practice of having programs and circulation within enclosed walls, and instead creates a flow of continuous circulation around the building faade as a second skin.G IN US HO james masman Email: Phone: Density through design How can architectural design contribute to increasing the density of affordable housing?