University. With the prior written approval of your Head of Department or designate you may swap shifts with another person who is currently registered on the University bank.

A temp employees hours accumulation starts over upon reaching the anniversary of their temporary employment date. "You don't have to work in a restaurant or a bar to be underpaid the union's Victorian secretary, Colin Long, said. Late submissions will not be processed until the following pay period. This will then be submitted to the Payroll and Expenses Office, Department of Finance. You should not wear your UCard/Identification Badge when you are not at the University. If your time is sent back for correction, it will not be paid until submitted and approved by the department. Should you be dismissed from any other role which you hold in the University, this may prevent you from being included in the bank for casual workers, such a decision being entirely at the discretion of the University. Termination If you wish your name to be removed from the University's Bank of Casual Workers you should inform the HR department as soon as possible. The University may terminate this agreement immediately if it reasonably considers that you have committed any serious breach of its terms or committed any act of gross misconduct. If you become eligible while working on a temporary assignment, you will be notified by UW Benefits. Once notified, it is your responsibility to contact the Benefits Office and complete the required paperwork as soon as possible. Confidential information You shall not use or disclose to any person, either during or at any time after your engagement by the University, any confidential information about the business or affairs of the University or about any other matters which may come to your knowledge. The University reserves the right to give or not give work to any person at any time and is under no obligation to give any reasons for such decisions. Under the legislation you may choose to opt out of the pension scheme you have been automatically enrolled into by completing the appropriate opt out notification (as explained on our web pages). UTemp staff are not able to see these comments. The union has already begun collecting timesheets from Monash University staff. Unless otherwise instructed by your recruiter casual in the appointment notification email, temporary employees are expected to wear business casual attire on their first day of work; thereafter, dress should conform to departmental standards. Introduction, the University cannot always predict the exact staffing levels it will require. Any variation to this agreement will only be valid where it is recorded in writing and no additional or modified terms should be implied by any other actions of you or the University. If you are unable to reach your supervisor, contact UTemp. When you accept an assignment you must undertake that assignment unless you are sick, you are on holiday or you provide the University with at least one weeks written notice. This agreement records the terms on which a casual work relationship is entered into between you and the University. UM has contributed to a significant number of employee hires ranging in departments both within the University and the hospitals. Someone from our office will attempt to follow up with your supervisor on your behalf. Type 440107 in the keyword field. Visit the ISC to find dates for paydays and holidays.

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The University Health and Safety Policy begins. If you hold more than one position. You do not need to wait until the end of the pay period to enter and submit your time. Be mindful to select the one for which you are paper entering time from the dropdown menu before entering your InOut times. Including students, but it comes with a heavy price. The amount of the payment in lieu will be calculated on the basis that each day of paid holiday equals seven times your hourly rate at the time of termination. Full time employment opportunities, unprofessional conduct may adversely affect future assignments or result in dismissal. If its prior to the end of the pay period. Maintain, comments that are added and saved become a permanent record and are subject to public records requests. This may prevent you from being included in the bank for casual workers.

UniWorkforce administer casual work assignments in the University, conduct right to work checks and help source suitably-qualified casual workers for a wide range of casual work assignments.The University may remove your name from its bank of Casual Workers if you do not accept or undertake any assignment in a rolling 6 month period.

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