is different? But again we saw this in painting. So we have this arcuated lintel emerging from the broken triangular pediment. You have tall projecting columns with a triangular

pediment, but a triangular pediment that is made up of projecting wings on either side, and then the central part of the pediment is placed in depth. You'll use the following steps to complete your assignment. But you can get some good pictures of other cable cars, as well as of the mountain, as you make your way. We see one of those here, a very well-preserved tetrapylon, in Palmyra. World Trade Organization cases : This page provides a listing of recent cases decided by the World Trade Organization. There were two theaters, the North Theater over here, and theres another theater somewhere there, the South Theater, up there. What do we see here thats curious? There will be library personnel on hand to show you how to use these resources. In the plan you see its inside. So the question here is, what did he have in mind? This is again.C., so were talking about First and especially Second Style Roman wall painting, or the transition between First and Second Style Roman wall painting. But what we see in the eastern part of the Empire is the way in which architects used the traditional language of Greek architecturecolumns, pediments, lintelsand do something entirely different with them. And then just quickly, just to give you a sense of how compelling some of the sculpture is from here. So interspersed with this text were these wonderful drawings of what he had in mind. And you can immediately see that Palmyra, just like Gerasa, has colonnaded streets. We see it also had a flat roof with a coffered ceiling. A tetrapylon is a four-sided arch that is made specifically to span two streets, so that you can go through the arch. And we see these wonderful plans interspersed with the text. And as you can see in this wonderful view of the Villa dEste, at Tivoli, in Italywhich is very close to Hadrians Villa at Tivolia Renaissance area with lots of fountains and so on, and you can see how theyve taken Artemis, or Diana. Well go to North Africa, well go to Jordan. So again, this playing around with the traditional language of architecture, in a way the Greeks themselves would not have done. So I neoclassical essay think you can see how your creative juices can flow. This has got to be the best hair in Roman Art. And I show you here, for example, the very well-preserved Arch of Augustus at Ephesus, which gives you the sense of the kind of stone construction that was used for that. I love this one. Again, I think from the same project, this is the city itself, where you can see it has an amphitheater, it has a basilica and a forum, and it also has a colonnaded courtyard, a colonnaded street. You will not findfor these papers, you will not findyou will find a lot of interesting things on the Internet, and I really do urge you to use. Its a very small temple, more a shrine. But one of the questions one would ask for this, as for any buildings that were done somewhere other than Rome: What is based, and how close is this to whats going on in Rome, contemporaneously? And you can seeI guess of the structures we looked at, its probably most like the House of Loreius Tibertinus, where youll remember theres a small amount of space given to the house on two stories, and most of it given to a large garden. So I have put the books on reserve for this course.

On the bibliography, with statuaryunfortunately headless herebut preserved inscriptions. Theres a particularly good book by Lionel Casson. Here, but another one of these port cities that hasI love thisthe sunken theater. Using columns, greek architecture made out of stone. Obviously if excergesis essay youre skilled at drawing.

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This was done by a graduate student actually, in the Architecture School; very extraordinary drawings, and it was a huge plan.And all of this, again, based on the actual statuary that was found; a greata huge collection of statues that this particular owner had, that are now on view in the Archaeological Museum in Naples, were copied for this here.You may find it necessary to photocopy articles or encyclopedia entries so you can take them home.