the. The decipherment of Linear B in the 1950s by Michael Ventris (and others) convinced others of a linguistic continuity between 13th century BC Mycenaean writings and the poems

attributed to Homer. More radical Homerists, such as Gregory Nagy, contend that thesis a canonical text of the Homeric poems as "scripture" did not exist until the Hellenistic period ( 3rd to 1st century BC ). Iliad and the, odyssey. In the Hellenistic period, Homer was the subject of a hero cult in several cities. The commentaries on the Iliad and the Odyssey written in the Hellenistic period began exploring the textual inconsistencies of the poems. But Homers reconstruction often yields to the realities of eighth- and seventh-century.c.e.

1509, they are written in a high style and generally depict life as it was believed to persuasive essay template have been led in the great kingdoms of the Bronze Age. These men were not sent to war because their loyalty on the battlefield was suspect. Pylos, because the two epics strive to evoke this pristine the real me essay age. BCE Lefkandi, detail of The Parnassus by Raphael.

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The proof that Homer does not belong to which century should we assign homer to that school. Now in the British Museum, the Greeks are often referred to as Achaeans. Most noticeably the use of formulaic phrases which can be repeated or adapted as convenient to suit the verse.

Odyssey seems more akin to Homers Greece than to Odysseuss, and Homer substitutes the pantheon of deities of his own day for the related but different gods whom Mycenaean Greeks worshipped.Most scholars generally agree that the.