represents a much more nuanced and more realistic view of life. Homer also has a boss by the name. Groundsmen Willie's description of them as 'Cheese-eating surrender monkeys' was

revived by National Review columnist Jonah Goldberg to deride France for its opposition to the proposed invasion of Iraq. This is the case with the Simpsons, although they have yellow skin, it is that very same unrealistic quality that helps us to concentrate on the message the Simpsons convey, and not how or who is saying it at the time. He owns Springfields chaotically supervised (by Homer) nuclear power plant and is incorrigibly evil. The Simpsons is now credited as the longest running American show having debuted on December 17, 1989, with 384 episodes forming eighteen glorious seasons. Thats right, after eighteen years of fame, the Simpsons are finally getting their own movie. The Simpsons has become a consumer item in pop culture. at the local bar, Moe's. The ghastliness of the morally upright Flanders family (I dont judge Homer and Marge thats for a vengeful God to do, says Maude Flanders) and trendy social workers are contrasted with the cosy imperfections of their real parents. As compared with the Simpson family, the Flanders family is relatively well-off and less dysfunctional, although they are quirky in their own way, with over-the-top devotion and their fundamentalist interpretations of the Bible. Earlier this year, Groening made a big deal of a Muslim-teasing storyline in which Homer suspects his Middle Eastern neighbours of being terrorists, calls Allah Oliver and their holy book The Corona. 11, there is also two sides essay to the coin. The characters are developed from real life people and situations, exaggerated and then are imitated by the very people who admire the show. This makes the Simpson family more appealing to the general American public as they represent everyone and not just one type of person. In several episodes, God actually intervenes to protect the Flanders family, invoking such Christian concepts as Divine Providence. (Homer: Im not normally a religious man, but if youre up there, save me, Superman!).

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They represent our society even though they are just fictional characters.Homer has time for everyth.