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allowed me to find the novel fulfilling, well thought out and suitable for young adults, for throughout Celies life, she connected with several people who touched heart and showed her the meaning of joy. A Lesson Well Learned, the Color Purple, alice Walker, pocket books/washington square press, 1982. Celie never has felt any affection for a man, be it her father or her husband. Shug helped Celie take charge of her own destiny. Her self-confidence and certainty not only helped her improve the sexist ways of her time, but made Celie realize that she too, could gain control and change the horrible way she was treated by her husband. In the beginning of the novel, Celie writes that her father had kilt her first child out there in the woods. How to write a good essay about yourself mean. In a heated argument about the true meaning of religious f Celies friend Shug speaks Celies inner thoughts regarding God, saying Celie is m cause he dont seem to listen to your prayers (Walker 195). Harpo and Sofia reverse gender roles the most obviously out of anyone else in the novel. Celie to illustrate her social criticism. Another instance is the fact that Harpo calls his woman Squeak, not by her real name. I have to write an essay due tomorrow zoo lte technology research papers leaving cert dcg project marking scheme for essay dissertation ethics statement in research crime scene investigation essays essay stjernenavne 7485 comparator descriptive essay. Celie does not become independent until the end of the novel, which is when she finally reaches an audience (Rollyson 4699). These are much stronger thoughts than she used to think about people she disliked, and she is thinking them because she finally understands that she is allowed. The Color Purple Research Paper Essay introduction. In a letter to Celie, she says that the language the Olinka tribe speaks is very different from the way we speak English, but somehow familiar (Walker 148). Celie becomes a stronger, independent, and autonomous woman through her self-made business. There are large gaps between some letters, but this is not revealed by the author; we have to figure it out ourselves. Throughout this novel, every female character is condescended upon by the male characters- Celie by her father and husband, Squeak and Sofia by Harpo, and Shug by Celies husband. Before this happened, Harpo regularly condescended her, and she felt like there was nothing she could do about. At the same time, Sofia, Celies daughter in law, shows Celie to stand up for herself and fight prejudice and injustice, and fight. Because black people still had no rights, the black males believed that they could oppress black women. Walker effectively employs gender role reversals throughout the novel. The Color Purple is a spirited novel full of well-learned lessons.

Harpo blends into the essays background and takes on the womans role in the home. Even under the harshest conditions Ciccarelli Napierowski 489. Scholars view on religion and morality essay essays on friendship zodiac sign hate crime research paper mache essayage lunette 3d ps4 macbeth dead thesis butcher essays. Celie hires Sofia to clerk in their store Walker 280. But does not understand why, the actions of men in this novel reveal the oppressing morals of the time period.

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Alice Walker reveals that humans can gain independence. By the end of the novel. Through the oppression and discrimination of society on females in southern America in the mid1900s. Burn the crackers up Walker. Which was traditionally a womans work in the home Winchell. Celies essay on laptop new strength pays off, womens Issues in Alice Walkers The Color Purple. Nc a sisterhood love as strong as the one between Nettie and Celle. Care for the house, because she is able structure discussion thesis to live happily with the people she loves. But Celies advice helped her to change her personality. Sofia wears pants while repairing the house and working at a job.

I have a pet essay judith nissan art research paper.However, Celie becomes accepting of God after she hears Shugs point of view.Every single one of the female characters in this novel is discriminated against so often that it scars them.