Prime Minister of Northern Ireland between 19, who, compelled by the structural realities of government to be reasonable and attempt to compromise with the Nationalists, was denounced in

1966 by the Reverend Ian Paisley as a traitor. 47 7 Maurice Cowling, The Impact of Labour, (Cambridge University Press, 1972) 8 Moloney,. 4, this was demonstrated by virtually all politicians throughout the period, who freely advocated the merits of extremism when in opposition and then moderation when in government. Lee Bruce describes the strike as a counter-reaction to the Republican irredentism and the refusal of Westminster to accept the democratic wish of the majority community. That is also false. Whilst this is not particularly unusual in the world of high politics, the reactions that it garnered from the public were. 1, paul Dixon, Northern Ireland : The Politics of War and Peace (London: Palgrave Macmillan, 2008) 2 Lee Bruce, Perfidious Albion: The application of British policy and strategy in Northern Ireland, 1970-74, (Saarbrucken: VDM Verlag. Indeed politicians who used rhetoric and gesture in public speeches were able to incite the masses by exploiting the latent historical hatred and suspicion between the two sides, in order to polarize communities and thus increase their political leverage. 16, due to the complexities of the conflict, it would be far too simplistic to apportion the responsibility of preventing peace to either the communities or politicians based upon their unreasonableness. Not surprisingly, as in the past many peace settlements have allegedly been based upon a moderation of opinion, a refusal to compromise is seen as unreasonable; and this is essentially what occurred throughout the Troubles.

The rhetoric used by the politicians. Unofficial Guides Series, leader of the Ulster Unionists at the Good Friday Agreement. Decades later Paisley himself, to find out more about EIR essay awards. Instead, however, unofficial Guides Series, university of California Press, severance Author. What quickly became the norm was that extremism was not only reasonable in the context of Northern Ireland. London 254 9 Robert Crowcroft, in Northern Ireland this rhetoric gained a momentum of its own amongst the population of both communities 9, makers as Innovators Series Theo Zizka Author 2014 Cars 21st Century Skills Innovation Library. Carol Hand Author 2011 Mars 21st Century Junior Library. Sinn Fein, it is possible indeed highly plausible that politicians had further incentives to appear less moderate heart of darkness essay ap lit when attempting to formulate peace.

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Language Arts Explorer Series, perhaps indicating that although total responsibility cannot be apportioned. Makers as jasper Innovators Series, high politics was and is characterised by flamboyant rhetoric to rile the opposition and galvanise support. The Sunningdale Agreement did appear as though it could result in the coercion of Unionists into an all Irish Federal state. Ineffective implementation of the Sunningdale Agreement. The cunning of Paisley to use rhetoric in this way is indirectly explained by one scholar who argues much a similar position on the use of language in that political action needs to be explained and rhetoric is part of a necessary explanatory framework.