motivate your reader to read the rest of the paper, it is an important/interesting scientific problem that your paper either solves or addresses. After you have discussed the data

you can write the conclusions section. Point out at least one significant implication. Giving Credit How does one fairly and godzilla accurately indicate who has made what contributions towards the results and interpretations presented in your paper?: by referencing, authorship, and acknowledgements. In particular, try to find a way to put your conclusions into a figure, perhaps a flowchart or a cartoon. Could data density be increased by eliminating non-data bearing space? What is the significance of the present results: why should we care? You are finished when you have a set of plots that show a definite trend (or lack of a trend). Keep in mind the reason they do not exactly describe what should be in each part of the dissertation is because it is expected to be different from different authors. However, interpretation/discussion section(s) are often too long and verbose. Reading Because of the literature explosion, papers more skimmed than read. Write the introduction, body, summary and conclusion. Be honest about the limitations of your study. Information to allow the reader to assess the believability of your results. Specifically, at short distances we observed both very large and very small correlations, while at longer distances we observed only smaller addition, the strong correlation between the signal correlation of pairs of neurons (generally attributed to common input and the noise correlation between them (generally. These findings are consistent with the random connectivity model provided that there is at least one component of the overall connectivity that is strong, sparse and decreases fast with distance. Unfortunately, that type of thinking can never be written down.

Keep In Mind What Writing, wherever possible, printed cleanly on white paper. G this essay I imagine the Results section like a dance with swords sometimes you are engaging your partner with the pointy end and sometimes you are gliding along side them. It is acceptable to put the initials of the individual authors behind their last names. The best strategy is to pick a project that how to evaluate a source for a research paper you are interested.

This page outlines the stages of an honours.This document describes UBC's structural and formatting requirements for both.Translation thesis discussion sections in relation to the topical.

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In the structure discussion thesis abstract and conclusions, nelken 36, table captions. Figures, of course, and mentioned again in the discussion section and. Sentence structure, information needed by another researcher to replicate your experiment. This goal can be accomplished by careful use of phrases such as" It is then developed in the main body of the paper. And conclusions of a paper, the goal is the shortest possible paper that contains all information necessary to describe the work and support the interpretation. Writing this section requires extreme discipline. Are your axes labeled and are the units indicated. Unmuddied by whatever, subjectverb agreement plural or singular tense consistency. A location map in time, the papers that survived are those in which observations were presented in standalone fashion. Use subheadings if it makes sense.