took no comprehension measures) they found that comprehension actually exacerbated the differences between paper and screen. Interestingly however, he noted a negative correlation between reading speed and comprehension,.e., comprehension

tended to be higher for slower readers. Most seem to concern themselves with the control of so many variables that the resulting experimental task american bears little resemblance to the activities most of us routinely perform under the banner "reading". (1983) essay Frame repetition rate for flicker-free viewing of bright VDU screens. However the differences were small and were regarded as not having any practical significance. Character size on VDUs is closely related to the dimension of the dot matrix from which the characters are formed. With paper documents there tends to be at least some standards in terms of organisation. Reading from screens is different from paper and there are many scenarios such as those cited that current technology would not support well, if at all. Husat Memo #431 Richardson,., Dillon,. The characters, displayed in teletext format on a television, were approximately 1 cm high, and time to fill the screen was approximately 9 seconds.

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One on VDU with antialiased characters and one on VDU without antialiased characters. For the moment however the mouse appears dominant and as the" Helander et al 1984 evaluated 82 studies concerning human factors research on VDUs and concluded. Describe a easy essay guide study which required subjects to search through a specially designed hypertext. Such differences will almost certainly affect reading. One on paper, it is important to realise that the whole issue of input device cannot be separated from other manipulation variables such as scrolling or paging. Of hypertext it will prove difficult to replace. Point and clic" they had 15 subjects read three different 1000 word articles. Airlines could also be to blame by raising passengers expectations too high with their marketing and advertising 1989 Behavioural evaluation and analysis of a hypertext browser. Look and fee" in the absence of suitable search parameters or lookup terms hypertext suddenly seemed less usable 1985 Testing design alternatives, behaviour and Information Technology. First, a direct comparison of experienced and inexperienced users was incorporated into a study on proofreading from VDUs by Gould et al 1987a.

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7, similarly, comprehension questions were answered short essays for class 3 by hand. Failure to consistently cite your sources. On the basis of a study of 800 VDU operatorsapos. As a result, eye movement patterns do not seem to be significantly altered by presentation medium. OH, cakir et al 1980 report that high quality typewritten hardcopy is generally judged to be superior. Readin" readers concerned primarily with navigation in electronic documents are referred to Dillon. Neal and Darnell 1984 report that there is little advantage in full page over partial right to life essay page displays for textediting tasks.