can set up port triggering, so port forwarding will automatically be enabled whenever a program opens a connection on a certain port. Configuring Basic Parameters To configure the router

perform one or more of these tasks: Configure Global Parameters Configure Fast Ethernet LAN Interfaces Configure WAN Interfaces Configuring a Loopback Interface Configuring Command-Line Access to the Router A configuration example is presented with each task to show. Command Purpose Step 1 line aux console tty vty line-number Example: Router(config line console 0 Router(config Enters line configuration mode, and specifies the type of line. Static routes are private routes unless they are redistributed by a routing protocol. Netgear Support, was this article helpful? Step 4 no shutdown Example: Router(config-int no shutdown Router(config-int Enables the ATM 0 interface. Viewing the Default Configuration, information Needed for Configuration, configuring Basic Parameters. You may not have all the options listed here on your own router. Configure the Fast Ethernet WAN Interface. The vast majority of routers have web-based configuration pages that you can access in your web browser as long as youre on the same local network as the router. For DSL linesVerify that the DSL line conforms to the ITU.991.2 standard and supports Annex A (North America) or Annex B (Europe). Your router likely provides a way to see whos connected to your wireless network. Step 3 exit Example: Router(config-int exit Router(config Exits configuration mode for the loopback interface and returns to global configuration mode. If you want to set up a computer as a server or use other services that require incoming connectionssuch as peer-to-peer file transfers or some forms of VoIPyou may need these incoming connections. Example 1-1 Cisco 851 Default Configuration on Startup Router# show running-config Building configuration. You also may be able to control times when Internet access is disabled, preventing your children from using the Internet at 3am. Your friend visits, they want to jump on your network, so you give them the Wi-Fi password to login and youre done. You want to impose a human-friendly numbering scheme onto your network devices. Parental Controls, Website Blocking, and Access Scheduling related: 4 Ways to Set Up Parental Controls On Your Home Network Routers often contain parental control features, allowing you to block certain types of traffic or specific websites. For example, QoS can reduce the network bandwidth available to BitTorrent transfers and prioritize web pages, preventing your BitTorrent transfers from slowing down your web browsing. Port Forwarding, Port Triggering, DMZ UPnP related: Do I Need a Firewall if I Have a Router? All of these optionsand moreare available in your routers web interface. While you can use tools designed for the joblike range extenders or mesh networks you can also use multiple wireless routers if you have extras around. Some people prefer to only use addresses outside of the dhcp range (e.g. If you plan to connect over an adsl or DSL line: Order the appropriate line from your public telephone service provider. But theyre worth knowing about.

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S, if you really want to use these router firmwares. Or similar, or Tablet, configuring a Loopback Interface, smartphone. Related, but if you have trouble, in fact. One of the things I found among all the settings is a table to set static IP addresses. Smartphone, many ISPs assign dynamic IP addresses that change regularly. Verifying Your Configuration To verify that you have properly configured static routing. Configuration Example The loopback interface in this sample configuration is used duties to support Network Address Translation NAT on the virtualtemplate interface. Or tablet, once you have the IP address.

The vast majority of routers have web-based configuration pages that you can access in your web browser as long as youre on the same local network as the router.To access your routers web interface, youll first need to find your routers local IP address.Based on the router model you have, configure the WAN interface(s) using one of the following procedures: Configure the Fast Ethernet WAN Interface Configure the ATM WAN Interface.

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Step 5 exit Example, including your external IP address the one the Internet kanji sees wireless security options. Volume 2 of 4, the routers administration pages also show other torino information about the Internet connection. See the Cisco IOS Release 12, for complete information on the IP eigrp commands. See the Cisco IOS IP Command Reference. And returns to privileged exec mode. Routing Protocols, any time you rely on a computer or a piece of software to accurately and immediately locate another computer on your network as is the case with our xbmc example the client devices need to find the media server hosting the material with.

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Configuration Example, configuring Static Routes, configuration Example, verifying Your Configuration, configuring Dynamic Routes, configuring RIP, configuration Example, verifying Your Configuration, configuring Enhanced igrp, configuration Example, verifying Your Configuration, basic Router Configuration.Quality of Service, related: How to Use Quality of Service (QoS) to Get Faster Internet When You Really Need.