In the unusual case when an organization confronts a survival-threatening crisis a crisis that is universally acknowledged as a rue life-or-death situation members of the organization will be

responsive to efforts at cultural change. 3) Thirdly the work culture also refers to the nature of the work, the objectives, mission, vision and the goals of the organization. Organizational culture to a great extend influences the behavior of the employees in the work place. Yet, diverse behaviours and strengths are likely to diminish in strong cultures as people attempt to fit. This is the shock that undermines the status quo and calls into question the relevance of the current culture. Advertisements: Hence; an understanding of what makes up an organizations culture, and how it is created, sustained, and learned, further enhances the managers ability to explain and predict the behaviour of people at work. Citing another recent example, Southwest Airlines can be aptly described as Herbert Kelleher s passion. This makes strong cultures difficult for managers to change. S strong organizational culture is stated in the companys mottoDo whats crazy, but not stupid. From an employees standpoint, organizational culture is valuable because it reduces ambiguity. Hence, organizations, over a period of time, often develop unique terms to describe equipment, offices, key personnel, suppliers, customers, or products that relate to their business. It cannot be described in number and statistics. AT and Ts unionized employees objected to working in the same building as NCRs non-union staff. According to the paper an organization can achieve huge success research paper on organizational culture by making a strong relationship with the employees and target customers. Values refer to what is believed to be important about how people and the organizations behave. People Orientation: The degree to which management decisions take into consideration the effect of outcomes on people within the organization. On the one hand, organizational culture plays a very integral part in the organizations overall conduct.

rome How things are done. It enhances, values, to happen, goal attainment, contingency approach. Be liabilities when they effectively eliminate those unique strengths that people of different backgrounds bring to the organization. Research papers on organizational culture point to several means of evaluating organizational effectiveness in relation to culture. Strong organizational cultures can, the failure of the deal had cost AT and T more than 3 billion. Acceptable modes of behaviour, which have vertical levels, for instance.

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It tells employees how the things are done and what is important. Second, it conveys a sense of multi identity for organizational members. When IBM opened its operations in Japan in 1960. There is the case of a weak culture.