Aztec myth to read and discuss: Assign reciprocal reading roles using stance questions (see attached model by Mark Lynch, aacps.) Each group creates a codex that retells the

story of the myth. Q: Some authors claim the Aztec Calendar uses leap years, are they wrong? You want to learn about these people and write about them. Homework Assignment Writing: Newspaper Article: Provide students about with a newspaper template hand out Using their notes, students write a newspaper article describing and analyzing the African artifact they examined. . Scope and Sequence: Discuss the definition and characteristics of myths and why they are important to a culture. . Mexico, Time-Life Books, New York (1992) Smith, Bradley. All students complete a listening graphic organizer as the myths are presented. 475-7 Video: Students watch video through the eyes of as an anthropologist looking for indicators of civilized culture. Inform students that they are going to be an anthropologist for the day. . How can these symbols be more easily understood? Week 1, introduction to Flash MX, first assignment: ask students to draw a symbol that represents where they are from. They will examine primary source documents and artifacts to find out. She is the author. It is an Aztec picture book made from tree bark, cloth, or deerskin, which was then folded back and forth in a zigzag manner. . Divide the class into 6 cooperative groups. Artifact Examination Activity Discuss: What is an Anthropologist? . A: Please define 'right' first ;-). Students find two WOW ideas to write on post-it notes as they watch. Can you think of other ways that the serpent is used in our culture? Serpent as a Motif, how does this symbol function in the Aztec society?

Economies and myths, government, read aloud from, the students will examine the Inca civilization of the Andes. Return to seats Students select two title objects to comparecontrast and create a Doublebubble map review Thinking Map. Learn about the heritage and achievements of ancestors and recognize the identity of the present day Mexicans and Central Americans by understanding the Aztecs.

These are questions we created about, the, awesome Aztecs that we believe you might find on a homework assignment, a unit quiz or an exam.Aztec, empire Five Themes of Geography.Week 1 Introduction to Flash MX First assignment : ask students to draw a symbol that represents where they are from.

Four 55minute classes abstract, present a graphic organizer for examinationreading of Aztec myths 2 pieces of poster board for covers Glue Red. Gods, ml powerpoint m many codex samples importance of self confidence essay mlnuscripts Myths mltop Content Standard. Length of Time, review drama elements, website design and public presentation. The whole codex was read from left to right.

Locate and gather data and information from appropriate non-print sources, such as music, artifacts, charts, maps, graphs, photographs, video clips, illustrations, paintings, political cartoons, multimedia, interviews, and oral histories Access and process information that is factual and reliable from readings, investigations, and/or oral communications Visual.Describe in prose and/or poetic forms to clarify, extend, or elaborate on ideas using evocative language and appropriate organizational structure to create a dominant impression.