activities which were part of his life like friends family social interaction, sports, reading, sports and homework / assignment. Spending a long time within a game and making risky

decisions take its toll on real life as well; such people are more likely to take risks in life, but owing to their ability to think fast and carefully, their risks have a better chance. I will explain what school bully spm essay they are, what they do, the pros, cons, excergesis essay and other effects. This is very much what happens when one is addicted to social media; the world online is so attractive that there is no real reason to go out and meet real people. Past research has shown that people who rely on caudate nucleus based strategies have lower functional brain activity in the hypoccampus and increased risk for nurological diseases such as Alzheimer's. Not everyone manages to disentangle very clearly what is fiction from what is real life. It keeps children away from outdoor activities (outdoor sports). Electronic games or video games involve human interaction with a computer monitor or a TV screen. Numerous experiments have been conducted which proves that individual exposed to violent games are more violent than those that havent been. The popularity of video games has reached unprecedented levels. We discuss the effects of violent video games and gaming as an education tool, should kids play video games? We dont need no education: Video game preferences, video game motivations, and aggressiveness among adolescent boys of different educational ability levels. However, desensitization of children and other civilians to violence may be detrimental for both individuals and society. In a 1982 Surgeon General report, concerns about video games were listed. Health issues (such as epilepsy bad academic performance, bad language from in-game and online play. However, obsessive gaming can have long-term social consequences. . Since teenagers, the most impressionable of people- are the target market of video games, this poses the risk of a distorted understand of how the world works and a desire for violence. Form one students engagement with computer games and its effect on their academic achievement in a Malaysian secondary school. Advocates for video games argue that the research on the topic cant be definitively proven. A study from the University of Montreal shows that playing video games may increase in the risk of developing Alzheimer's disease. One of the ways that we can determine the level of desensitization to a certain stimulus or condition is to measure someones heart rate, perspiration levels, and rate of breathing while they are experiencing the stimulus. Not only that; too much of rapid hand movement also leads to tears in the tendons which might mean some long term injury. There are many educational games meant to contribute to our kids development. A variety of studies have shown that playing video games help exercising some mental abilities. Critics argue that violent games teach children that aggression is an acceptable way to solve conflicts. A common argument is that a childs disposition affects their preference in video games. Video games can also roved a stress relief outlet and help kids better relate to each other using healthy competition. These potential risks or problems should serve as a checklist of possibilities to consider. Are the new generations smarter or more competent than previous ones, and if so, do video games play an important role on this? Tags: ebate about games pro and con,video games pros and cons essay.

Manage resources, an Experimental Study, the eyes are also affected, irvine UCI found out that terminology students who played Super justice Mario 3D World improved their scores on memory test designed to engage the brainapos. Researchers form the University of California. Playing video games a few hours a week would not have a negative effect in kids behavior. Learning, a study found out that young gamers burned in average 21 extra calories and hour than non players.

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Withdrawal from real life might lead to slipping grades and poor performance at work. Spatial intelligence is strongly correlated with mathematical abilities and is extremely valuable pros and cons of video games essay in engineering and science occupations. The console, moreover, people who play too much of video games tend to become obese due pros and cons of video games essay to sheer lack of exercise. And the Gameboys for the ardent video game player. All of which have very real life implications. There is the personal computer, we debate the pros and cons of video games and to what extent kids should play them. Generally, the ability to take informed risks is considered a plus point in an individual. But violent video games with a highly explicit ratings can have a bad impact on players behavior. They simply do not feel the need to go out and play when their online lives are way more exciting than anything they will find outside. Most importantly, players need to memorize the movements of their characters and their opponents.