were asking me what pens write best in which planner so I ended up doing pen testing with all of my black planner pens hopefully the pen you use

is included in this roundup! Love love love these pens they come in colors most people use as well as gold and silver. The only gel pens I tend to use are the PaperMate Inkjoy Gel.7mm. The writing, as with all ordinary ballpoints, cannot even begin to compare to that delightful class we call the super-smooth ballpoint. I like how this pen writes and it does come in lots of colors, but these pens are a bit expensive and are hard to find in Australia. I forgot to take a picture but its the same story a bit of bleed through on the sharpie, otherwise no bleed on all the other pens. The thick tip is a bit clunky to write with. Confession time: I love corn plastic. Id only use this pen for headings or flagging important things as the ink is quite thick. DIN standard ballpoint ink for high standards of performance, light fastness and intensity. So if youre not sure what planner pens to buy or you want to buy pens that will work with any planner paper without worrying about ghosting and bleed through, then I recommend choosing ballpoint pens. The grip has traction to it without seeming too prone to gathering debris (though it has, over its life thus far, gotten a little dirty). To be honest, unless you buy really thick tip pens (which are really the only ones that bleed through the pages) that are marker style such as Sharpies, you cant really go wrong.

The ink got thicker after the pen ballpoint was more broken in and has been using it for a while. Paper Mate, you guys I pens sniffed this pen extensively it did not even smell of corn. Product description, brand name, theyre thicker than your everyday ballpoint pen but are thinner than a Sharpie and the Staedtler Triplus Color. I found these at Officeworks in a pack of 20 for less than. I dont use this pen I should really give it away it too inky so the words are prone to feathering and the pen itself is heavy making it more difficult to write with. Ballpoint pens write well on any type of paper.

M : 10 X Cello, paper, soft.Ball, point, pens.7mm Nickle Silver Tip 10, pens.

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Please leave persuasive a comment below Disclaimer. The glinting sun of a cleaner future. At, add to List, click here to access the free printables library. How many looks does one get when asking the local retailer for their finest pen shampoo. How to colorcode your planner so youll actually use it effectively. These were a recent find at Officeworks and came in a pack of for. I dont write with them very much. Theyre similar to the Staedtler Triplus Color 6mm theyre quite wide and to be honest. Unlimited OneDay Delivery and more, unable to add item to List.

No blobbing, good to sketch with.You can pretty much never go wrong with a Paper Mate pen (except the erasable Paper Mate premium replay that pen is not erasable).Theyre not quite as fat as Sharpie Fine Points and dont bleed through the page as much.