Soft real-time systems have limited utility than hard real-time systems. CPU is very fast, so user cannot feel that he is in queue. It is the responsibility of operator

to sort the jobs with similar needs. Hence, scheduling is very important in real-time systems. There is an operator which takes similar jobs having same requirement and group them into batches. The operating program is written for operating system can successfully run. The advanced GUI operating system is slower than the command line operating system. The operating system maintains a constant amount of work for the processor and thus balances the work load. Error Free: These types of systems are error free. Batch systems are hard to debug.

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All the programs are thesis scheduled by the operating system in such way that each program gets a slot of total time. There are different types of operating systems in real time. Here, computer systems that were designed primarily as batch systems have been modified to timesharing systems. Multiple users can share the batch systems. As this OS manages a group of independent computers and makes them appear to be a single computer is known as a distributed operating system. Such as soft realtime operating systems and hard realtime operating systems. In these systems, realtime Operating System Realtime operating systems are also known as multitasking operating systems. Each user prepares his job on an offline thesis device like punch cards and submits it to the computer operator. The single process method deals with the single application running at a time.

A realtime system is defined as a data processing system in which the time interval required to process and respond to inputs is so small that it controls the environment. SingleUser, the processors communicate with one another through various communication lines such as highspeed buses or telephone lines. Character User Interface Operating System CUI. Online and Offline Processing Systems offers the processing of data in online into the wild essay topics mode. The secondary memory how to write a service improvement plan is a permanent storage device. These operating systems works on more than one task and process them concurrently at a time. Provides the advantage of quick response.

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Two types of Real-Time Operating System which are as follows: Hard Real-Time Systems: These OSs are meant for the applications where time constraints are very strict and even the shortest possible delay is not acceptable.These are applicable and developed only for the needed resources and accordingly developed.