the interviewee step by step in an easy way of conversation throughout the interview. Also Critical Success Factors (CSF) for the facilities department must be identified. The conceptual framework

shows the theories we have used: the international model which is Uppsala Model, entry model and the mode of control. General knowledge includes the present contexts, marketing methods and the common characteristic of foreign customers. It is also assumed that knowledge can decrease the market problem and risk, as well as the market uncertainty (Johanson and Vahlne, 1977). It is also for that reason that my research focuses on putting the balanced scorecard to the test as a performance measurement system for facilities management. This problem occurs because they had no experiences in those markets, yet much of confidence. 3 The most notably performance measurement frameworks are the balanced scorecard (BSC) by Kaplan and Norton, (19a) and the business excellence model, developed by the European Foundation of Quality Management in 1992. Open form approaches texts and documents for the researchers to make understanding. Centraal boekhuis, centraal Boekhuis is a (leading) logistics service provider in stocking, storage, distribution and transportation of books. Primary data is collected for the particular project at hand (Ghauri and Gronhaug 2005). You may disable cookies in your browser people settings. (1995 performance measurement is rarely defined. Nevertheless, it takes high cost and risk for acquisition, and maybe followed by the cross culture problem as well (Hill, 2007). For publishers is Centraal Boekhuis the entry into the Dutch and Flemish (book) markets. The qualitative research approach will be used to earn better understanding or in-depth of interviewees (Fisher, 2007). However, using the same entry mode for all new markets will make mistake for firms. It can thus reduce risk comparing to largescale entry. Actually, establishing a joint venture with a foreign firm has been a long popular mode for entering a new market (Hill, 2007).

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Introduction Background and Problem Statement Purpose Target Group Delimitation. Hierarchy, where the boxes were distributed across the Netherlands 481, one form of master thesis business social network is subcontracting which has a central firm playing a major coordinating role in case of building a project. Socialization and price control 1, hill mentioned the timing of entry as the entry is early when an master thesis business international business enters foreign market before other foreign firms and late when it enters after other international business have already established themselves Hill. Vref1 titleMaster Thesis Facility Management Business Essay m dateNovember 2013 accessdate locationNottingham 2007 2 Purpose The purpose of this thesis is to describe the internationalization process of Telenor in terms of entry modes and management of control.

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On the other hand, i will explicate the theory on which the hypothesis is based. Copyright and trademarks, inventions, the right entry mode does not only provide the good development opportunity for firm. Where measurement is the process of quantification and action leads to performance.

The main purpose of the research is to attempt to apply a Balanced Scorecard into the daily facilities management practices of a case study and to learn about performance assessment and its outcomes, for instance which performance indicators or ratios are most effective to find.Therefore it is difficult to describe performance evaluation in facilities management, and it is hard to define which goals, critical success factors and performance measurement are relevant to measure facilities performances optimally.Most networks have modified levels of co-operation and competition between actors within the network.