it from having the effect of violating a right. Questions of this kind are most important and interesting; but, when not perplexed by abrupt technical language, are amongst the

easiest that can be submitted to the human understanding. The honest votes, taking the country as a whole, are a miserable exception. The will of the supreme power with regard to rights is not expressed in words at all. Why, that would be to make a fundamental law of the state, for the express purpose of preventing reform for ever after. What I object to the case is, that it is not parallel. Language of this description is peculiarly needed in making declarations which are meant to gain favour with the people. Suppose nations to threaten one another with punishment, for the violation of any thing understood quoteideas to be a law of nations. Whenever it holds another language, which it sometimes does, it is but an instance of the see-saw. (58) The positions which we have already established with regard to human nature, and which we assume as foundations, are these; that the actions of men are governed by their wills, and their wills by their desires; that their desires are directed to pleasure and. This only deserves remark, as an instance of the inconsistencies in which the gentlemen of counsel against the ballot are involved. If any member dies, the whole Society shall attend his funeral to whatever burying-place he himself may have chosen; they shall defray one half of the expence which is incurred by the funeral entertainment; and each member shall further pay two-pence, under the name.

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James Mill (17731836) was a Scots-born political philosopher, h istorian.In his two-volume Analysis of the Phenomena of the Human Mind (1829b.The Essay on Government, Mill later wrote, was meant to serve.

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