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Gain more Knowledge through our Online Quiz and Testing system Just Search your desired Preparation subject at Gotest. He played a pivotal role in Indian Independence Movement. Lala Lajpat Rai, another prominent name in Indias struggle advertisement for freedom is that of Lala Lajpat Rai also known as Punjab Kesari. The name Pakistan was made by combining to separate words Pak meaning Pious and Stan meaning Homeland. They formed Hindustan Socialist Republic Association to fight against the atrocities of the British government and advocated for poorna Swaraj or total Independence. He did not fully recovered from his injuries and died on 17th Nov 1928 of Heart Attack. That period is known as the darkest period in Indian History. There is also a trend in many homes to decorate their houses with flags and paper flags and from adults to children everyone participates in doing the decorations. The 1930 Dandi salt march against taxes imposed on salt production. National Festivals Celebration in Schools Essay. A very good morning to, respected teachers and my dear colleagues. They do not have regular classes on this day which allows them to have free time off due to which children look forward to the Independence Day. Independency day for any country is like a festival and the people of Pakistan celebrate this festival with enthusiasm and joy. Quit India movement of 1942. Such acts of atrocities committed by the Officers of East India Company and the laws that were formed to drain all the resources of Indian people and make them poorer only strengthened their determination to attain absolute freedom. The struggle and sacrifices of some prominent freedom fighters are given below. Struggle for Freedom, freedom was very hard earned through decades of mostly nonviolent protests and struggles. The Superintendent of Police ordered the police to Lathi (baton) charge the silent protesters and personally assaulted Rai. At this special occasion of independence day I would like to speech on the Indias struggle for getting freedom from the British rule.#. The large movement of people from both sides was followed by sudden eruption of violence of communal nature in which millions of people from both the sides lost their lives. It was through such constant and persistent protests under the leadership of our determined Leaders that we were able to achieve independence on 15th August 1947. Although the people of Pakistan celebrate the Independence Day with patriotism and great passion, they should remember what Jinnah's dream was and they should always questions themselves whether they have made this country according to his dreams or they have forgotten the reason for the. An independent country where they can live freely according to their religious teachings and cultural values. Children also enjoy this day to the fullest. His actions inspired youths to take active part in Indias freedom struggle, encouraged many to take revolutionary path. We as a Nation should respect the struggle and pain that our freedom fighters have encountered and should live in communal harmony striving for the prosperity of all irrespective of caste, creed and religion and work towards the growth of Mother India. The 14th August has arrived once again so celebrate it with complete passion and patriotism to let the world know that we are still a one strong nation, The nation that our great leader Muhammad Ali Jinnah wanted us to be, the nation that stands. Such is the spirit of the people of Pakistan as patriotism runs in their veins. One of the major names in Indias struggle for freedom is of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi fondly known as Mahatma Gandhi.

The Noncooperation movement of 1919, subhash Chandra Bose, people also have their own ways of celebrating the farming in india essay Independence day at individual level. The Muslims of the subcontinent gave many sacrifices for several years as they were not allowed to practice their own religion with freedom as they were the minority. It is necessary that people of the country pay tribute to their heroes as it was only their efforts which allowed them to have an independent nation. S Mausoleum, the list of freedom fighters who laid their life for Mother India is longer. Sardar marshall plan essay Vallabhbhai Patel are some more prominent personalities who took active part in Indias freedom struggle 5 million people who crossed the borders from both the sides where they hoped for relative safety of religious majority.

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Many revolutionaries and freedom fighters have laid their life for the cause of independence 1918 Kheda agitation against for remission of land revenue of the farmers in distress. Bhagat Singh aur unke 2 dosto ko Britishers ne faasi greek world 500-440 bc essays per chada diya to is din hame unko bhi shridhanjili deni chaiyain. He was writing a cover letter for an uber application deported to Mandaley, nearly 400 lost their lives and around 1400 were injured.

So the above given speech are the best speech for independence day india.It is observed as a National Holiday in India.