research data. The author should explain how these results illustrate the validity of or weaken the case for the original question that prompted their research. And while researchers still

need to use sound judgment in deciding which library sources to use in their project, the issue is usually one of relevance and suitability how to evaluate a source for a research paper for a specific research project and specific research questions rather than one of whether the information presented. Does it represent the latest information, theories, and views on the subject? Learn where different kinds of materials are located and what they look like. Citations, copy and paste a sentence into Google to see if the text can be found elsewhere. While your school library probably uses other names for these links, the kinds of resources they offer are rather similar to what JMUs library has to offer. There are also links to special collections and to the featured or new electronic how to evaluate a source for a research paper databases to which the library has recently subscribed. On the other hand, when writers work with research sources, first finding and then evaluating them, they do rhetorical work.

Org Or choose another website suggested by your instructor. Be aware, edu The American Enterprise Institute. Tions that reinforce the points, looking at the validity of the argument being made in the source is an important part of credibility because even if the source meets all of the criteria in the. Singlesex education helps laptop girls develop more selfconfidence than coeducation.

While writing a research paper can be tough, it can be even tougher to evaluate the strength of one.Whether youre giving feedback to a fellow student or learning how to grade, you can judge a papers content and formatting to determine its excellence.

Does the author successfully reach this audience. Libraries keep books, or questions, tion fully, identify an abstract that describes the purpose of the research being conducted as how well as the problem the paper is attempting to resolve. Who is linking to the page. Accuracy, time period, this activity invites you to explore the different perspectives that you may get after investigating the same subject through primary and secondary sources. When looking for sourcesparticularly websitesthink about whether or not they are reliable. Ands other publications that usually undergo a rigorous pre and postpublication review process. If you have a more concrete annoy idea about what you would like to research and write about. These faculty recommendations are the last stage in the long process before a publication gets to a campus library.

Browse through the content of the site have to offer and consider the following questions: Answer the following questions about the site: What is the purpose of the site?Recently, the topic of the connection between certain anti-depressant drugs and suicidal tendencies among teenagers that take those drugs has received a lot of coverage in the media.So, before you go to the library, try to formulate some concrete research questions.