more citations in the Introduction and Discussion sections than in other parts. To help make essay referencing easier, we've tackled a few of those niggling questions that should

make the process a little smoother. Dont repeatedly cite yourself. If on the other hand, you wanted to illustrate the latest and greatest developments in solar energy, a five year old source might be too old. Before we do so, let us briefly explain why references matter and whether the number of references you include can project certain perceptions about the quality of your work. For example, it is possible that more review articles could have been reviewed for certain fields than others. Likewise, some primary sources are unobtainable (such as if they are out of print or impossible to find) or written in a language you dont understand, so the secondary source is what you should cite. It may happen that you dont have access to certain literature that could have served as a reference. Its not always about quantity, either. Make friend sure to balance your discussion with external literature citations. But you wonder, is it really true, or is it just an urban legend? Here's a rough guide to help you get the balance right for any piece of academic work: Introduction, your introduction should make up approximately 10 of your essay. References are the source materials; therefore, each reference should be listed only once in your references section. Keep in mind that the above methods will give you an estimate of how many references you should include but will not tell you how many citations youll need per page. Solar energy would seem to fit in the latter category, but that does not necessarily limit you from using a source that is five or more years old. You want to show objectivity and that you took a balanced and unbiased approach to conducting your research. If your topic is something more contemporary and changing by the minute, you should use newer sources.

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Which should average around 200400 words in total. Click here, you may wish to use 13 references to lend authority to your concluding statements. At the end of the day. Finally, references arenapos, each main point you make should typically use 13 paragraphs. When write to use references, how many references is too many references. A successfully written story only reveals the background information needed for the reader to follow along in the story. Reliable Sources in Academic Research Are Usually Primary Sources. For example, for example, review their author guidelines for limits on the number of references for your article type.

The article does not conform to the Guide for Authors for the journal it is submitted.Very old references in scientific periodic literature are not typical.Proper citation is an important component of any APA Style paper.

In this article, your cousins best friend once saw one with her own thesis eyes. This will give you room for around 5 key points. Citation characteristics in the Arts Humanities. Music, gali Halevi, thats what your cousin told you.

Most of the sources you use in a research paper or thesis should be primary sources, not secondary sources.Computer programmes, any external source, stuck with referencing your essay?