now 440/39 Revolt of Samos. Independent Trial (a) It was by common effort that the foreign (Persian) invasion was repelled. You must show judgment and a cohesive argument this

is to get into the top 2 bands (16/25). General This usually is a question done chronologically so learn the key dates on the Pentacontaetia that show a transformation of League to Empire. 19.00, view.00 View.00 View.00 View Rome in the Julio-Claudian Period 14-69 AD notes by Lucy Verified Subject Mark:.00 My teacher bought my exam back and I received 25/25 for the Julio-Claudian Essay. Athens started out as a monarchy and then advanced to and oligarchy until it finally reached a democracy. The Greeks then heard of the defeat at Thermopylae and departed. This is shown by a personal battle with their inner self, personal choice leading to a change in their emotions, different people greek world 500-440 bc essays having different ways of adapting to new challenges, individuals trying to shut off the rest of the world and the help of others. Successfully reported this slideshow. In-depth, well-organised notes for Julio-Claudians covering all syllabus points. 2012 HSC Question 38 Option H Greece: The Greek World 500440 BC (25 marks) (a) In courage and strength the Persians were evenly matched, but the Persians wore no armour; besides, they did not have the skill and expertise of their opponents. Essay on The development of Demokratia in Athens.Trace the development of "demokratia" in Athens. YES Marathon Plataeans helped Congress of Isthmus 31 states, agreed on Spartan leadership Thermopylae Artemesium navy supported army Salamis all fought together Plataea 23 city-states fought Serpent Column NO Marathon Spartans didnt come Congress of the Isthmus only 31 states no Argos, Crete etc Thermopylae. The Greeks created the worlds first democracy. As a result, many were faced with losing their land and/or being sold into slavery. The latter demanded more say in public affairs. Greek influence on the western world ). You May Also Find These Documents Helpful. This defensible hill became known as an acropolis. He divided the population into four political groups based on wealth. Create a clipboard You just clipped your first slide! He increased the size of the boule greek world 500-440 bc essays to 500 citizens taking 50 from each tribe. However, most modern researchers place Homer in the 7th or 8th centuries. Cssa 2013 Trial. 19.00, view, ancient History Band 6 - Minoans by Kaitlin Verified, subject Mark:.00, in depth notes covering all syllabus dot points, with attached pictures and evidence. This document has two parts; The first is a detailed timelin.

Another man named Pericles helped begin the rise of grandparents democracy in Athens write to what would be its peak. OR b How effectively did Athens maintain control over its allies. Xerxes then ordered his fleet to take on the Greeks at Cape Sepias in order to bring supplies. Considering that about fifty percent speeches. C 461 Cimon ostracised turning point with rise of Pericles change of foreign policy to a more imperialistic one. Green ancie, the Roles of Men, in 594. And Slaves in Athens Essay, resulting in a closely fought battle. This was a council of 400 male citizens which represented all four groups.

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75, were reserved for the two wealthiest of the groups. The Acropolis how in fabulous Athens is one example. C Formation of the Delian League origins.

There was a 3 day storm which inflicted major damage to the Persian fleet, but the Greeks were able to ride out the storm safely.Two particular works that stood out being The Iliad and The Odyssey.