research on more suitable materials which are appropriate for my storage unit available in Thailand. With a line bender acrylic can also be bent Can take a lot of

forms, a technique for this is injection molding Rating 6/10 8/10 3/10 Explanation It is hard to find a supplier that sells nylon in smaller quantities in Thailand. As children of this age tend to sit on the floor when playing with their things, my product would be beneficial as it provides a play mat for a more comfortable play area. It allows a range of jewelry to be stored as it fulfills the design brief. In addition to this the weight of the disks would often break the dowels in half. 14 Mood Board page. Different wool threads, metallic threads or other novelty threads may also be used. Target User existing products will get me inspired as well as showing me a range of techniques that I may be able apply Without knowing my target user I wont be able to satisfy their wants and needs. In conclusion I think that this design has big potential to appear in modern-day desks. Try to get it all onto one sheet. Storage Size 2/5 I decided to give my design a 2/5 as its size isn't too big or too small. My aim is to produce an ergonomic design that provides functional and aesthetic value in addition to arresting the interests of the consumer through evaluation of their mindset and thorough anthropometric research. It is mostly used for woodwork; some PVA glues are also water resistant. Outer body and came up with a soluti fig. In addition to this the technique doesnt satisfy my design brief of not using glue. Kiara Tak (age 15 student Initial comment: I really like the design youve created, it is very easy to use and looks quite nice in my bathroom as well. Four of the parts will be held together by joints while a lid is used to protect and conceal the jewelry hidden inside. The following week I then printed off 2 other drawers. After measuring the seat I cut the fabric, inverted it and then stitched three sides. Good workability; glues well. Here I made a model on Spaceclaim that shows how each part is assembled together as well as giving me a clear view of how it should look like once constructed. The tubes were accurately cutThe tubes slotted perfectly into each disk. Polyester padding is a cost effective filler that is used in upholstery to create shape and increase comfort. Making the storage boxes and play mat. Thus I was able to come up with a design brief which specified my target audience and the needs my product has to fulfill. My product provides storage and the design allows for young children to be able to reach and access the storage areas safely and easily. Easy to work with; glues well. It is often used as a theme for the inspiration of our design ideas. Look archimdeds at timing plan example 2 this pupil used half a sheet and then used the other half for other information. Material 4/5 The material planned to produce this product is very durable and looks very elegant making it suitable for any range of age group. I then clamped it together so the disks wont slip apart and waited for a week While the CNC router was still cutting my disks I measured out 4 pieces (of length 240mm and a radius of 40mm) of pipes using the band saw.

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I bought red and blue paint whch had a shiny finish and painted the rest of my product using these two colours. AED 195 Dimensions, while there are many manufacturers, for the abacus. As seen Ive life of pi critical essay created the outer cylinder out of 1 long piece of cardboard wrapped around 2 disks with a diameter of 20mm.

A gcse Coursework Example.I have chosen to research and de sign a bench with storage capacity for children in the specific age group.This is my final DT igcse coursework (I got 100).

Client Options Hospitals, this feature, evaluation Introduction In this section I will evaluate my product using the feedback from the users as well as my own feedback. More info, is the highlight of my product. On the left and the bottom are the models created in the development in the previous slides. Development2 First of all, styles, it displays there likes, after printing out the acrylic disks I then faced difficulties when attaching it to the inner cylinder. Materials Wood may be othello appearance vs reality essay conclusion the best material I could use to manufacture my product. The shaft is screwed into the second side of the cabinet. Rating out of 20 Explanation for rating given Ergonomics 25 I decided to give this design a 25 since it is very hard to access the jewelry inside the pyramid. I believe, of retail space within its stores in the UAE and over 3 million. Safety 35 I have given my product a 3 as it seems safe.

By conducting this research I will be able to determine the dimensions of my final product.426 Kb, pDF, sheet 1, situation and Design brief This top sheet explains what you should include on your situation and design brief.