off these diets can also raise your cholesterol. A lot of these weight-loss diets that have been established are known as fad diets. tags: fad, collective behavior

gyms. Fad diets will also make your cravings for real food stronger, so when you choose to end the diet you will eat more and gain weight faster than you lost. Works Cited 1) Getz GS, Reardon. The popularity of fad dieting has caused negative mental and physical health issues that must be brought to an end. Carbohydrates also participate in insulin creation. A diet in the terms of a fad strategy or a short-term process is something negative. However, your body needs more than that. The cycle repeats itself the following year with individuals again committing to improve their physical health by going to the gym, again with a high rate of failure (Webley, 2012). That is about two-thirds of adults; not including adolescents (Hellmich). Therefore, if the body is getting fewer carbohydrates that means less insulin is being created. This preoccupation of food causes many medical risks such as obesity, binge eating, food addiction, and eating. Therefore, the Atkins diet, the South Beach diet, and Weight Watchers are just a few of the many popular and healthy fad diets in the United States. The American culture and society has a preoccupation with food, which poses a set of challenges for both the physical and mental body to maintain health (Abrams Wells, 2005). ( The truth is, though, the best way to lose weight is a nutritious portion-controlled diet and regular exercises). Measures including: Hollywood fad diets, self starvation, unhealthy exercise routines, diet pills or diet shakes, none of which produce long lasting results but can cause further mental and physical stress on an individual. Strong Essays 767 words (2.2 pages) - Imagine a diet with quick weight loss, and being able to see immense results in only a few months, sounds like the life doesnt. Many turn into fads and there are even websites that have compiled these fads for potential dieters to browse and try for themselves (m, 2013). Have you ever thought of going to a movie without popcorn? The immune system might weaken and there is even a high chance of malnutrition.

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S The Cookie FAD Diet 970 words 4 pages for Imagine a diet with quick weight loss. Type, fad diets are a way of life for many people in the leaner United States. Everybody wants to be thin 590 words 2 pages wants to lose way quickly and more importantly very easily.

When choosing a diet, even though the diet appears to be working. Stateoftheart, s no shortage of fad diets around. Magic pill that will enable her body to shed ten pounds overnight. Dieters should choose a diet that suits the appropriate calorie level and that is also nutritionally balanced Choosing par. The Atkins diet is very strict and concentrates mainly on the intake of carbohydrates. Diets essay are not at all, its just the behaviour of the consumer that needs to be altered.

People are often willing to take part in a diet that promises quick and drastic results to lose weight.The Grapefruit Diet, otherwise known as the Hollywood Diet, is a fad diet that has lasted from the 1930s till modern times, to which it still retains popularity.