amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) present affect the rate of photosynthesis? In most cases this light source is the sun. On the other side certain blue green algae

and bacteria inhabit hot springs and can perform photosynthesis at 70C. Similarly, cacti can also carry on photosynthesis at 55C. It is also assumed that primary factor of dehydration in retarding photosynthesis is due to stomatal closure which reduces CO2 absorption. During water stress, supply of nadph H is affected. Above 25-30C history the maximum rate is not maintained as the time factor begins to operate and the optimum temperature is reduced from 37C to 30C. Intensity: When CO2 and temperature are not limiting and light intensities are low, the rate of photosynthesis increases with an increase in its intensity. To explain the meaning of his principle Blackman cited the following example. It also includes enzymes responsible for Photosynthesis. In tomatoes, high concentration of CO2, above the physiological range, exerts harmful influence causing leaf senescence. Liebigs Law of minimum. Note The disks sank to the bottom because the vacuum drew the air out of the mesophyll tissue of the disks, causing them to sink. The light intensity, at which the photosynthetic intake of carbon dioxide is equal to the respiratory output of carbon dioxide is called the compensation point. To conclude in an easy way at any given point of time the lowest factor among essentials will limit the rate of photosynthesis. I will be leaving my elodea for 2 days and taking readings after 24 hours and 48 hours. External factors: Light, carbon dioxide, temperature, water, mineral and pollutants. In general, the optimum temperature for photosynthesis is 25oC to 35oC. According to Figure 1, it can be deduced that plants prefer blue light the best, second to red, and lastly green. It can occur due to disease, mineral deficiency or the natural process of aging (senescence). Test tube funnel experiment or Experiment to prove oxygen evolved during Photosynthesis. . Note your observations (Figure. Accumulation of Carbohydrates. The blue-green algae have action spectrum peak in yellow or orange light.

Nearly, the crops have to yield more. Introduction, red light research induces highest rate of photosynthesis and green light induces lowest duty rate of photosynthesis. C6H12O6, is dependent on the plants for his food. This means that in the restricted space.

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These greenhouse crops are found to be bigger and betteryielding than their counterparts growing in natural how to write application letter as a teacher conditions. In order for a plant to photosynthesize. It must have these" research can show that the more CO2 there. The baking soda reacted with the water to create carbonic acid H2C03 which the plant later used to convert to CO2 23, just like a cake needs certain ingredients in order to turn out into a cake. The effect of water can be understood by studying the yield of crops which is the direct result of photosynthetic activity. I will repeat the experiment twice so that including the average I have three sets of results. Adequate light, the faster the rate of photosynthesis. In which this case is carbon dioxide and water. Record the volume of solution at the start of the experiment. Anyway, there was also error in the normal light.

Open and Closed Stomata Sub Topics.Blackmans law of limiting factor is actually a modified Law proposed.Heliophytes (Bean Plant) require higher intensity than Sciophytes (.