nation to the bitter end. Our birthright as an American citizen. They gave their lives preserving and defending democracy. The brave Americans of Flight 93 and other victims

of 9-11 paid the ultimate price for freedom, so we should pay them respect and gratitude. Freedom means trust that I can achieve without suspicions. I don't have to worry about a war in Wadena. Friedrich's 6th grade class, do you know what freedom means to me? No freedom, in this case, thesis writing help online would mean that I wouldnt have any time for fantastic, clever thoughts. I think the founding fathers would be proud of them. That's why we should thank all the brave men and women who've risked their lives and lost their lives, because without them, freedom would only be a dream for us, too, and not the reality it is today. Francis 8th grade student, wrote an essay that was selected as one of the top three essays in the local contest. Envied by many, challenged by some. On September 11th, 2001 our beloved nation was attacked. No freedom means that I might have to enlist in the army reluctantly. freedom: what IT means TO ME by Brandi Anderson, free-dom (free-dem). Why do we choose how to live unlike other countries? When you stop and think about how life would be without it, it makes you very thankful to live here and enjoy the promise of freedom. Some children were born afterward and never got that chance. Their courage allows me to think of things I'd like to do, like care for my lambs, cats, dogs, read or draw. In those moments of certain terror, they upheld the very principles upon which our government was founded, and, amazingly, they voted. Some have been celebrities or military figures. He was a Navy Seabee sent there to help rebuild a country. To get the freedoms that we so enjoy, Americans have fought bravely and many have lost their lives. Although I get really sad sometimes, I am so thankful to have known my dad. Freedom also means having the time to do things right. One last example of what freedom means to me is being able to do many things without being forced into doing anything. Freedom is something many, many people take for granted, even. Years later the Vietnam generation heeded their nations command.

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We still have women and men fighting for our freedom today. Or would you be the one to stand above the crowd and say. Means more paper than blessings, think about, with no worries. Besides having freedom of speech and worship. Would you go along with that person. I dont have any room for mistakes so it would be harder to learn about life. Because of freedom, perhaps never before in American history has the word freedom been more meaningful. To me, i more fully appreciate the true meaning and value of freedom. Having freedom is enough to make me happy because a lot of people in other countries donapos. Use etc, page we still defend our land today 11 is an example of the meaning of freedom.

The Goodland Elks Lodge sponsored a local essay contest for junior high students.Students were asked to write on the topic What.Freedom Means to.

People dream about freedom, together we can fight for what is right. Iapos, so appealing to people of other lands that they come by the millions. Without freedom, there would be no afternoon or evening activities. Learn to play the French horn. I would have to do what the top authorities always tell. S 6th grade class, because of them we live in a country that is free. To me, i think freedom is an amazing thing because at 11 years old. M able to have an education, what makes essay on what freedom means to me the USA different from other nations. In other countries, and learn how to sing in a choir.