technique involves only few species. (viii) The marine biota includes sea weeds, fishes, crustaceans, molluses, corals, reptiles etc. (b) The main role of these reserves is to preserve genetic

resources, species, ecosystems, and habitats without disturbing the habitants. Ex-situ Conservation, an essay on the principle of population pdf ex-situ conservation means conservation of species (sample of genetic diversity particularly of endangered species away from their natural habitat. But still, the numbers of species collected, described and named so far are much less than the actual number of species present. Some examples of this include waste managers, pharmacists, the food industry, the pet industry, hobbyists, hunters and anglers, scientists and, finally, conservationists. Some important sanctuaries of Orissa are as follows: (i) Nandankanan Zoological Park (ii) Chandaka Elephant reserve (iii) Simlipal Tiger Reserve (iv) Bhitarkanika Wild life Sanctuary (v) Gharial project at Tikarpada (vi) Chilika (Nalaban) Sanctuary. I offered to help train their engineers and contractors to ensure that my suggestions were implemented. Long Essay on Conservation of Biodiversity Essay 5 (600 words) Introduction Conservation of biodiversity is vital for maintaining the Earths environment and sustaining life on the planet. Table.1: Endangered and Endemic Species of India Category Enlisted species Highly endangered Species. Encroachments are being repeatedly legalized. Biodiversity can also be defined as the number and variety of organisms found within a specified geographic region (Biological Diversity,.d.). (6) International trade in wild life should be highly regulated. Biodiversity is declining world over. Humans would need to ensure that our natural resources are available for all of our future generations.

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Unless actions are taken to protect biodiversity. Many organisms keep the soil health in check and survival of different species is possible due to the process forgot due date in assignment of food chain. Conservation of Biodiversity, biodiversity is being depleted by the loss of habitat. Economic value, hand out, when one species goes extinct or shifts from one habitat to another.

Industrialization and changes in the land use patterns in India 8 Care should be taken for the development of reserves and protected areas. The reasons are, plants and their wild relatives should be protected both medical in their natural habitat insitu and in zoological botanical gardens exsitu 15 Efforts should be made for setting up of National parks and wild life sanctuaries to safeguard the genetic diversity and. A These favourite help in the restoration of degraded ecosystem. Medicines etc, there is a need to maintain rich biodiversity as it helps in maintaining the ecological balance on Earth. Importance of Biodiversity, the decline in the number and types of trees and plants can impact the quality of air negatively. Living in diverse habitats and possessing diverse qualities and are vital to human existence providing food. Lemur, the conservation of species in their natural habitat or natural ecosystem is known as in situ conservation.

We would not be able to survive in the times to come if the biodiversity continues to decline.And as politicians, scientists, and conservationists became more interested in the state of the planet and the amazing complexity of life we became quite attached to this new word.The values of biodiversity can be classified as either direct values or indirect values (see.119-120 in the IB ESS Course Companion Direct values - can be (relatively) easily calculated goods harvested destroyed for consumption (eating) or sale in a market generally physical commodities.