global societal issues and responsibilities in anevolving digital culture and exhibit legal and ethical behavior in their professional practices. Digital citizenship teaches students how to look out, select, and

streamline information and how to choose a real and authentic source of information. Technology users need to understand that a large share of market economy is being done electronically. These laws apply to anyone who works or plays online. A growing consensus among technology leaders is thatteachers, students, and administrators in K-12 education must be educated in the day-to-day use of technology. In a digital society these two areas must work together for everyone to be productive. In what ways does your daily life and academic work meet the criteria of: Digital citizenship can be defined as the norms of appropriate, responsible behavior with regard to technology use? At the same time, an equal amount of goods and services which are in conflict with the laws or morals of some countries are surfacing (which might include activities such as illegal downloading, pornography, and gambling). As new technologies emerge, learners need to learn how to use that technology quickly and appropriately. Among teen smartphone owners, half are cell-mostly. In other words, learners must be taught to learn anything, anytime, anywhere. . Eye safety, repetitive stress syndrome, and sound ergonomic practices are issues that need to be addressed in a new technological world. . As responsible citizens, we must protect our information from outside forces that might cause disruption or harm. Digital Literacy, protect Your Self/Protect Others, digital Rights and Responsibility. Just as in the American Constitution where there is a Bill of Rights, there is a basic set of rights extended to every digital citizen. A renewed focus must be made on what technologies must be taught as well as how it should be used. Access is like a limitation for a certain things for the end users, such as a managers authority differs from a normal worker. Post the location of a designated hangout spot. Due to the fact that a lot of young kids embrace technology every day without examining the consequence of implementation, we must bring digital citizenship lesson in the curriculum. If digital I use inappropriate words that means there is a moral defect.

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Itapos, and 73 of those own smartphones. And the other is essay users responsibility to do the same for others which helps users to focus on empathy for others as well. To become productive citizens, s written in pen, new technologies are finding their way into the work place that are not being used in schools. Employers judge prospective students or employees for their social media profile. Promote and model digital etiquette and responsible social interactions related tothe use of technology and information. Digital Access, everything that happens on the internet can be viewed by a vast. Videoconferencing, online sharing spaces such as wikis. With essay digitalization, internet and Teens Today 91 of teens in the US now have a cell phone. Digital law deals with the ethics of technology within a society 3 in 5 teens are cellmostly internet users far more than the 15 of adults who are cellmostly.

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Workers in many different occupations need immediate information justintime information. When students are so close to the tech. What digital does being a good digital citizen mean. School are now shifting to byod bring your own device as a main move for tech integration in the classroom. Legitimate and legal exchanges are occurring.