has the biggest press in the whole world, we have hundreds of regional language newspapers, vibrant Hindi, English, and regional language 247 news channels. Indian philosophy of life

which is also called essay is called Sanatan Dharma is prime factor to sustain this unity in diversity. By that time other countries will go much ahead. In 2002, Daniel Pearl, an American reporter working for The Wall Street Journal was kidnapped and then beheaded by rebels in Pakistan. India is the worlds oldest and largest civilization. Do you know how they spy their own citizen? Significance of Indias Membership of Commonwealth. Politicians take advantages of these loopholes, play with the system. Indian kabaddi team won all world cups. We know that China is progressing faster than India but they have a communist one-party government system, which controls everything. American Political Science Review.4 (n.d. We have dozens of languages, thousands of dialects, we have different ethnicities, religions, castes, faiths, belief systems, aspirations and dreams but still, we live together. Some well-written phrases can also be profitable for you. We need to do a lot, but that doesnt mean we shouldnt appreciate what we got. The resolutions of the Pwurna Saraj dictated that this independence take the form of a republic. British looted almost whole world in the colonization era, they let people die on roads but kept looting everything from grains to gold. When India sued for independence in 1947, the 1931 British Statute of Westminster should have seen the country continue to owe allegiance to the British crown as a condition of its retaining status as a member of the Commonwealth (Sing 469). But do you know how the land was acquired? We have dozens of radio channels. I love my India not because it is my mother-country. Those who dont understand how these countries became rich and stay rich makes failing comparison. China was the fastest growing economy for a decade. India has a big history of foreign invaders from Persians till British but Indians never invaded any country, not in modern history too. For all these things, I love My india.

Caste, and income live together and never had a civil war so far. India is the largest unforgettable democracy in the world. Political Science, beliefs, it is not the best governing system. Messages or essay on I am proud to be an Indian then let us know in the comments. We are not the best but no other country.

India is the seventh-largest country and most populous democracy in t he world.It is located in South Asia and was officially declared as the.

For more than three thousand years. We compare ourselves to the richest country like USA or UK which was a biggest order imperial empire. Poems and all kinds of monuments. S Sri Aurobindo, india is a big country with a deep history and interesting culture.

There are dozens of ghost cities in China, no one lives there.Of course there are many and many factors of India which have attracted different people in different times.India has the largest postal system in the world.