to print a hard copy of your final thesis. How do I combine my chapters as one PDF document? Journal papers tend not to include a thorough discussion of

the literature. You will upload your thesis into HDR Examinations as a PDF file and that will be made available to the examiners. The publications must normally have been produced within the last ten years. To change your thesis into a PDF we recommend that you use a university computer and print to Adobe PDF directly from Word. Not all examiners start the examination at the same time, and not all complete it at the same time. It is recommended strongly that you complete this statement for each publication and have it signed at the time of publication. We will try to avoid delays by checking the examiners have been nominated and are still available to examine your thesis. The research leading to the publications must have been conducted in a way consistent with university research integrity requirements. Why does Deakin use an online examination system? It will be treated as an appendix to your thesis and considered for assessment. You cannot submit your thesis until the examiners are nominated, approved and selected. Before any changes to your submission date are made they should be discussed with your supervisor. Examiners like to see the intellectual journey you have undertaken in which you have developed into an independent researcher with a mature appreciation of the breadth of your field and an understanding of how your research fits within. If your version of Adobe does not support this option, insert the page into your thesis as a word document then convert it to PDF. However, if individual schools or deakin research centres choose to create their own guidelines they may do so, subject to approval by the Thesis Examination Subcommittee. If you are unsure, please contact our HDR Adviser. There are several reasons for this: the publication and the relative contributions of each author will be fresh in their memory; you are still in contact with the other authors (this may not be the case a year or two later and it will save. In many cases papers include duplicated material which can be tedious for the examiners. This must be inserted into your thesis using the insert pages option under the document tab. Once the examiners have made their recommendations, these will be sent to your Head of School who will be asked to make a recommendation. The University does not prescribe a minimum number of publications for this mode of thesis, because publication practices vary widely between disciplines. If necessary we will follow up with your supervisor. The examination copy would include the full article for the convenience of the examiners, but the version available for open access would require the reader to link to the journal publisher to obtain the article. You would need the approval of the academic unit because there are some fairly significant logistical arrangements involved and the academic unit would need to be amenable to that. Use 'Advanced Search' and for 'Document Type' select 'Thesis'. The date is used to inform your supervisor when the examiners are required. Authorship Statement must be attached at the beginning of the paper.

Above, the Head of Academic Unit should do this in consultation with your principal supervisor. Thesis exceeds word limit 50, for multiauthored papers, as mentioned above. Reasons for lengthy examinations, thesis based on a series of publishable works produced during candidatureapos 100, poverty glu" time of year of submission. It is important that you discuss the proposed structure of your thesis with your supervisor early in candidature. In the sciences this could be the experiments which failed. Examiners are tardy, the requirement is for a substantial original contribution to knowledge.

Substantial dissertation together with reports, pap ers and publications in media appropriate for the professional context, Yes,.Response to Examiners template Last updated.Sampl e thesis title page for PhD and Masters Last updated.

Only students admitted to the area after that date would be required to undergo an oral examination. Please also see the, and as stated above, if they were to introduce oral examinations in the future. There is document another reason deakin for including a description of methods that did not work. Which is that this can be of tremendous assistance to future researchers in your field including subsequent PhD or Masters students. You should raise your intent to provide a copy on open access with the journal at an early stage.

What is the extent of your contribution?Authorship Statement for each co-authored publication (point 5) is also applicable.