version (4.0) has been drafted with particular attention to the needs of international enforceability. As of version.0, CC is discouraging ported versions, and has placed a hold on

new porting projects following its publication until sometime in 2014. There is also specialized information available on the following pages: While CC does provide this informational guidance about its licenses and other tools, this information may not apply to your particular situation, and should never be taken as legal advice. You can apply a CC license to your photograph if your photograph constitutes a work of original authorship, a question that varies by jurisdiction. See here for a chart comparing the specific requirements. All materials are licensed "AS IS" and a disclaimer of warranties applies unless expressly provided otherwise. Can I still make money from a work I make available under a Creative Commons license? The language will fill up un-assigned spaces with 0, so you don't have to write 0, 0, 0, 0 (and so that, if your array length changes later, you don't have to add more). Can I take a CC-licensed work and use it in a different format? "Never just spout out question after question off the cuff." Being on Facebook all the time Being on Facebook every time your boss walks by looks really bad, Oliver says. CC provides tools to make it easier for creators and owners to say which rights they reserve and permissions they grant. However, applying lyrics the CC license may create an implied license to use the trademark in connection with the licensed material, although not in ways that require permission under trademark law. Read more about how governments and IGOs use and leverage CC licenses and legal tools, considerations for using our licenses, and how they operate in the IGO context.

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@Tukai I do not see a Dictionary here.But I have provided you an answer to your question as per the title.

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Are Creative Commons works really free to use?A big part of the potential value of data, in particular its society-wide value, is realized by use across organizational boundaries.