subnet a network, the mask is referred to as a subnet mask. 2 Step 4: show running-config: Verifies your entries. Interface FastEthernet0/0 ip address secondary ip address duplex auto

speed auto end, router# Previous Lab Next Lab). Test Prep: GRE, online Course - LinkedIn Learning. IP routing is disabled by default, and no IP addresses are assigned to SVIs. RFC 1166, Internet Numbers, contains the official description of IP addresses. Select another clipboard, looks like youve clipped this slide to already. Once in interface configuration mode you use the command syntax ip address.n.n.h.s.s.m; to complete the first lab objective well need to execute the ip address from the FastEthernet0/0 interface configuration mode as shown below; Router(config-if ip address, router(config-if step. Return to privileged exec mode. User network interfaces (UNIs) and enhanced network interfaces (ENIs) assign are disabled by default; network node interfaces (NNIs) are enabled by default. Upcoming SlideShare, loading in 5, like this document? Enabling IP Unicast Routing By default, the switch is in Layer 2 switching mode and IP routing is disabled. For example, if network is subnetted as, subnet zero would be written as, which is the same as the network address. Activate the FastEthernet0/0 Interface. Enable the interface if necessary. Configuring NetFlow-Lite for Cisco 2960-X Series More Cisco products and Reviews you can visit: m/blog m is a world leading Cisco networking products wholesaler, we wholesale original new Cisco networking equipments, including Cisco Catalyst switches, Cisco routers, Cisco firewalls, Cisco wireless products, Cisco modules and. Successfully reported this slideshow. Our website: m Telephone: Email: Address: 23/F Lucky Plaza, 315-321 assign Lockhart Road, Wanchai, Hongkong. Step 5 ip address ip-address subnet-mask, step 6 end, step 7 show interfaces interface-id show ip interface interface-id show running-config interface interface-id, step 8 copy running-config startup-config. An interface can have one primary IP address. The switch can have an IP address assigned to each SVI. Router(config-if Z, sYS-5-config_I: Configured from console by console. Beginning in privileged exec mode, follow these steps to assign an IP address and a network mask to a Layer 3 interface: Command, step 1 configure terminal, step 2 interface interface-id, step 3 no shutdown, step 4 no switchport. Note: The switch supports 16 static routes (including user-configured routes and the default route) and any directly connected routes and default routes for the management interface.

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Show ip route, verifies your entries, create and configure vlans on the switch or switch stack. Show runningconfig interface interfaceid, enter interface configuration mode, switchconfig end Step. Switchconfig ip route prefix new mask gigabitethernet 104 Step. Routerconfig interface FastEthernet 00, after all, example. Be the first to like this.

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gatsby Show ip interface interfaceid, you and can however assign multiple IPv4 addresses to a single interface but there is one catch. Assigning an IP address to an interface is the foundational requirement for all Cisco devices as Cisco devices are networking devices. A mask identifies the bits that denote the network number in an IP address. When dealing with dynamic routing protocols.

Beginning in privileged exec mode, follow these steps to assign an IP address and a network mask to an SVI: Step 1: configure terminal: Enters global configuration mode.Using secondary IP Addresses in production as a architectural design is not recommended by Cisco.