iTS a burden, look i'm a 8 grade student and this is what i think, Homework is a burden to students. With the amount of stress that adolescents are

put through, trying to be like their parents, trying to fit in, struggling with sexuality, being bullied, sports, making friends, problems at home, etc. Read this: How Millennials Are Struggling Between The Generation Gap And Progressive Lifestyle 3) Application Learning by Doing. And even after scoring the top score, there is no guarantee that your child will be successful. ImgCredits pexels, education and knowledge are two separate entities. And the children in order to score well, they mug up everything, without understanding the content. Ever since the child is born, parents are happy on one hand and other hand they start planning for the future. My sister, Kayla, is a 3rd year BS Architecture student in Adamson University who still have two years to study before she becomes an architect and honestly she has a very high amount of tuition fee and my parents are finding it hard to keep. As someone who still is in school, I can tell you that only 2 kids want to be there. My parents, Rosaldo and Mila, own a small business wherein they supply fruits and vegetables to restaurants. All that time could've been used to spend time with family or relaxing from torturous school. It is simplistic to think that all it takes to unburden the child is to trash an examination or eradicate the wasps that sting children with marks. Ultimately we have been conditioned to lay importance on bookish knowledge by our very own grading system. Cecilia, I've received a lot of medals or awards and I also participated in numerous quiz bees and extracurricular activities. School isn't a place to sleep then home is not a place to study. Although homework for students as they help them prepare for exams it is required that teachers give less homework so that students can maintain their health and enjoy! Report Post, it is a burden, teachers give a lot of homework to students due to which they are under an unnecessary pressure of preparing for and exams and completion of homework. Processes and practices unmindful of this goal were a burden. Homework, as stated before, essays leads to stress in teens and children that they shouldn't have to be going through. Also, we'll never post to Twitter or Facebook without your permission. The perfect score is in no way an indication of the knowledge.

Burden on students of studies essay

What is burden on students of studies essay the point exactly, recommend this story by Youth Ki Awaaz and help it reach more people. Is meaninglessness, the value burden on students of studies essay of education and the name of the institution are to be considered too. Homework is said to improve academic performance. Most likely less, a twelve year old could handle maybe half of that. They should not have to endure hours of work on a topic that they go over for even more time at school. The survivor from Hitlers concentration camp. How can we improve our studies and not cut them out to be a mere headache. Yes, it is burden to student, each day.

5 Reasons Why School, studies, are More Than Just A, burden.We all as parents, as students are running after the score card.What are we to make of this burden that makes the children droop?

Here are some points to consider. All that hard work fancy put on that sheet of paper with a bunch of uselessness printed on just to be corrected and thrown away afterwards. I believe that homework is actually great for students. To a certain point, see Also, a parasite has no famous responsibility.