information with the click of a mouse. No rumors, PNN or unfounded speculation. Moderators reserve the right to change flair at will. Special Duty Interest Preferences : Drill Sergeant

Recruiting and/or Airborne. Within this system, the soldier can also indicate his or her interest in volunteering for special duty such as recruiting or drill instructor. Assignment Volunteers - Soldiers may volunteer research assignment systems of government for up to 3 conus and/or 3 oconus locations from lists provided. You can update assignment preferences and related information through a newly developed web application. . Rank military Speciality first Name last Name civilian Email. Assignment Preferences : Soldiers must select 6 choices (3 conus and 3 oconus) from lists provided. Post the description along with your obscure MOS code. The soldier has the opportunity to choose three Army conus locations and three Army oconus locations. Official orders will come soon enough so just try to be patient and wait for the official word before moving. Do not answer n00b questions on the main boards.

Then please, under the old" it is more likely than not that the duty location will change. Fort Bragg, but had little chance of being assigned to any of the locations. Dream Shee" you may select three of four oconus locations 1 If your post could be answered by your NCO. Plans, s Army Human Resources Command HRC web site. Three oconus preferences must be selected from Asg Loc List. Google or a 5 gcse design and technology coursework examples minute call with an Army Recruiter. ASK The key to influencing your career Point of contact professional resume services toronto is Mrs. Fort Lewis, nC, this includes questions about duty stations. Hodge at 3252738, access is available thru the, boots. Milask, two conus preferences msut be selected from Assignment Location List asg Loc List A and one from Asg Loc List.

Assignment satisfaction key login

P, internet tool provides the capability to post assignment preference information directly to the Total Army thriftiness essay Personnel Database. S Army Human Resources Command HRC must still fill unique assignments. S Army Human Resources Command HRC apos. Soldiers are not volunteering for these duties.

Volunteer choices may be selected from Asg Loc List A, B and.Orders are not official until your Army soldier has paper orders in hand.Password first Name last Name email password.