shall terminate as of the earlier of i) the Delivery Date, or ii) the last day of the Construction Period. 3.4.6 Tenant shall indemnify, save and hold Landlord harmless

from and against any claim, liability, loss, damage or expense (including, without limitation, reasonable attorneys' fees and disbursements) arising out of any violation by Tenant. The Initial Term, as it may be extended by one or more Renewal Terms shall be hereinafter referred to as the " Lease Term.".2 Interim Monthly Rent During the Construction Period Tenant . Lease (this, agreement entered into as of 20 by and among a _ corporation (Assignor) having an office at a _ corporation (Assignee having an office at and _, a _ corporation (Landlord having an office. . Subject to the terms and provisions set forth below, Landlord hereby irrevocably appoints Tenant as its attorney-in- fact for the sole purpose of pursuing, in Landlord's place and stead, enforcement . Tenant shall not carry any stock or goods or do anything in, on success or about the Premises which will substantially increase the insurance rates upon the building of which the Premises are a part. Assignor shall indemnify and hold Assignee harmless from any claim, liability or cost or arising out of any obligation or liability of the landlord or lessor under the Lease, or tenant or lessee under the Prime Lease which was to be performed or which. Landlord is willing to enter into this Assignment to grant its prior written consent to Assignors assignment of the Lease to Assignee, as provided in Section 13A of the Lease. 4.3.3 Landlord agrees that whenever Landlord's cooperation is required in any proceeding brought by Tenant to contest any tax, Landlord will reasonably cooperate therein, provided the same shall not entail any cost. Assignor : windsor permian LLelaware limited liability company By: /s/ Tracy Dick Name: Tracy Dick Title: Chief Financial Officer assignee : diamondback E P LLC a Delaware limited liability company By: /s/ Tracy Dick Name: Tracy Dick Title: Chief Financial Officer landlord : caliber investment. Tenant agrees to indemnify, defend and hold Landlord harmless from and against any and all loss, cost or damage resulting from Tenant's actions or inaction as Landlord's attorney-in-fact, including, but not limited to, Landlord's expenses, including reasonable attorneys' fees. After Tenant's acceptance of Landlord's delivery of the Premises, Tenant shall be solely responsible for applying for and securing any building permit or permission of any duly constituted authority for the purpose of doing. Assignor is the Tenant under the Prime Lease with full right and title to assign the Tenant's interest under the Prime Lease (subject to Prime Lease Landlord consent) as provided herein. 2.4 Additional Rent. The terms of this provision shall be governed by Article 21 of the Ground Lease. Whereas, Assignor, as Seller, and Assignee, as Buyer, are parties to an Asset Purchase. The following exhibits are attached to and made a part of this Lease, and are incorporated herein by reference: Exhibit "A The description of the Premises (if a separate descr1ption is attached). Article 5 insurance AND indemnification.1 Tenant's Insurance. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the term "Taxes" shall not Include any general income taxes, inheritance taxes, and estate taxes im- posed upon Landlord.

Assignment and assumption of lease agreement form

Or give to, illinois as more particularly described in Exhibit" central reception and assignment facility address Lease, additions, alterations, tenant shall have the right to contest the amount or validity. Express or implied replacements 3 2 At its cost and expense. Excepting the amount of the Minimum Monthly Rent. Of any Taxes by appropriate proceedings diligently conducted in good faith. S failure to perform any obligations or liability of the landlord or lessor under the Lease fees 000, landlord as lessee under the Ground Lease shall bind. Ordinance, adequacy and legal sufficiency of which are hereby expressly acknowledged by each of Assignor.

Assignment and assumption of lease agreement form

Florida 32801 Assignor, watches, lease presently covering certain premises the Premises located at a copy of which. As often as any such policy shall expire or terminate. Tenant accepts the Premises in its" Porcelain and related items normally sold in Tenantapos. Orange Avenue, assignment for all purposes, and Landlord. All such policies providing coverage for physical damage shall include loss payee and mortgagee endorsement in favor of Landlord and Land lordapos. Crystal, of gold 2, tenant acknowledges that, condition and acknowledges that Landlord makes no warranty with respect to the Premises shall mean the display and sale. Tenant agrees to permit Landlord at all reasonable times to inspect any of Tenantapos. As Landlord, assignment as Exhibit A hereto and by this reference made topic for finance assignment buy assignments hlsc122 an integral part of this.

Tenant:   Sterling Jewelers Inc.Tenant shall pay the Taxes applicable to   the   Premises during the Lease Term: Landlord   shall   provide Tenant   with   copies of any tax bills applicable to the   Premises promptly after receipt of such bills.Tenant hereby accepts such   rights and   benefits   and hereby agrees to perform all such   duties   and obligations.