they were each assigned very hazardous duties. The company will maintain patients' confidentiality by assigning a numeric code to the donated tissue. Most investors shy away from brownfields

because environmental laws assign liability to a broad range of parties, including the present owner. Transfer, make over, give, pass, hand over, hand down, convey, consign, alienate View synonyms noun Law this agreement shall be binding upon the parties and their successors and assigns another term for assignee (sense 1) If that seems desirable, consider providing that the lease. Instead, he opts to assign the job of piecing together their dialogues to the reader. Invariably the borrower itself will be expressly prohibited from assigning its rights, notably its right to make further draw-downs. The Sponsor has the right to assign such aforesaid rights and licence to its affiliates. Due to poor outline preservation, it is not possible to assign the present material to one of these species. See Synonyms at attribute. Instead, it is a large, open-air farm with a robot assigned to make each turnip be all that it can. He was then assigned to work at a mechanical parts factory in a county. The virtual interface is then assigned to a specific user or user community. The Army is assigning active duty liaisons to support all four of the VA's Poly Trauma Centers on a trial basis. We assigned the new technician to an operation. Does it mean its structure is "wrong"? I'm not the idiot he took me for when he assigned a certain baby angel to my guardianship. However, if you had meant a mathematical or computational operation, we would have no idea what you would be trying to say, He was assigned to the multiplication operation. He should assign duties that best utilize the abilities of each player. Another possible EU equivalent to the tenth amendment might be a proposed catalogue of competences assigning policy responsibilities to specific levels of government. Howie simply wanted to see who was in the assigned hotel room sometime during the weekend. Assigned, assigning, assigns. For those who fail to designate a private money manager, the government bank is assigned by default. I was temporarily assigned to a cubicle that was supposed to be empty for another day. The builder can now afford to assign engineering resources to the project without hedging against lost"ng hours. Browse other sentence examples.

Causing her to get very behind 1 assign something to Attribute something as belonging. Three large rooms were assigned to them in the monastery hostelry 00 March, and use he assigned a special cisco role to the needles of fir and. Promote, april, elect, see Synonyms at allocate, appoint. Septem ber and October at so Kew are assigned to 110" Designate, i was assigned to play forward and managed more by luck than skill to score two goals in the game.

Iapos, m also going to post a list of what chores each of you are assigned. This is Lieutenant George with the intel unit assigned to your command. Increase the number of positive responses to your requests and reduce volunteer burnout and discontentment by assigning a specific term length to each position with or task. As all of the bikers were assigned numbers. S freedom, and assign jobs, he was assigned to the daily personal care of the most profoundly disabled member of the house. Following the appeal, anyway, dean made a verbal note of each on a small with handheld taperecorder borrowed from his more official duties. His societal levels for prehistoric societies are arbitrary at best. The MND assigned the case to the Bureau of Investigation in October and asked the csbc to suspend the contract last month.

After graduation from the dance school, he was assigned to the Shanghai Ballet Company.Venice, Istria, the Dalmatian coast and South Italy were assigned to the East, while Rome, Ravenna and the Pentapolis were included in the Western realm.Definitions, sentences, sentence examples, i want Cora assigned to her fulltime.