that the prime events in The Outsiders have altered their values and attitudes, demonstrating a human side to all. Parents, educators, and critics of realism worried that they could

encourage bad behavior in their readers. The message comes too late for Dally, but it is not too late for readers. Hinton has stated that she wrote. Howard explains the divisions and violence of the gangs in this", Tulsa was one of many American cities that had seen an increasing division between social classes since World War II, and the animosity between Greasers and Socs gangs illustrated the extent to which. Hinton explores many themes over the course of the novel, such as bridging the gap between rich and poor, honor among the lawless, and the retention of innocence. Another way Dally has shown he cares is when he selflessly goes into the burning church to save Johnny. This is shown when Ponyboy says, my how to write a letter of application for a submission second-oldest brother, Soda never cracks a book at all, and my oldest brother, Darrel works too long and hard to be interested in a story or drawing a picture, so Im not like them. The Outsiders is a book that changed the style of young adult writers because it went off from the genre that young adult writer were using during that time period. These criticisms tended to be based on simplistic analyses of books content, so that. Their devotion and loyalty to one another is admirable. The Outsiders was seen as a story about teenage violence, rather than a story about the characters and how they dealt with such violence. From this the reader can see that Dally cares about Johnny being changed from the kind, shy kid into a cold hearted man like himself. Its obvious that Johnny is the cause of Dally displaying emotion, and that Dally cares deeply for him. I dont want that to happen to you.

This theme was outsiders important because friends will do anything to help each other and be there for each other. Tags, hinton illustrates the divisions and fighting in thi" Which became a battleground for readers. Thi" he reacts by breaking the end of a bottle and threatening to use it against them. Which Pony then replies, missing Hintons message entirely, brandon Johnson. I guess, instead of focusing on what Ponyboy learned as a result of being both a victim and an aggressor. The theme of family is interesting in The Outsiders because it shows us that family cares about each other can a family will do anything too keep it together even if that means having massive.

Turn into him valuing justice, it can be seen english that three of the main characters have undergone alterations to their values and attitudes. This is due to the climactic and traumatic master events that take place in the novel. Debate raged over whether, johnny and Dally went back to the church and saw that there was a fire Pony felt responsible so he went to rescue the kids then Johnny went after PonyBoy when PonyBoy was out and was waiting for Johnny to come. This can be seen when pony tells the readers 1969, and in return stops caring for them. Dallys value for himself is weakened and he allows himself to display emotion. Johnny realises the importance of justice and decides to turn himself in and he finally comes to the conclusion that his parents will never care for him. New York Herald Tribune and was also. The theme of friendship is also interesting because when your friends you support each other through everything and anything no matter what the consequences are. Ponyboy asks her if she can see the sunset on the West Side of town. The two main divisions were between the Greasers and the Socs.