Advantages, there are a number of advantages to tidal energy. As the tides rise and fall, a massive amount of water moves toward and then away from shore. Content

2 (the first advantage explain how free public transport can reduce pollution. The main advantage of owning a car is it gives the freedom to travel. The governmental expense will be raised far dramatically. Two ways we harness the energy of the tides are with tidal turbines, which look like and work like underwater windmills, and tidal barrages, which are special dams that take advantage of the difference in height between low and high tides. When the tide comes in and the sea level rises, water passes through the dam and becomes trapped in a basin. Disadvantages of having a car. Someone who owns a car can plan his route, timing and destination. Perhaps the major disadvantage of cars, in general, is the huge damage they do to the human health and to the environment. People we are seven poem analysis essay with low-income class also dream to own a car one day. The energy obtained from the rise and fall of tides is called tidal energy, and we can harness this energy to create electricity. However, please note that this is just one example out of many possible answers.) Model Answer 3: People need different modes of transportation to move from one place to another. Popular Essays Become a StudyMode Member Sign Up - It's Free. Learn how tidal energy works and the advantages and disadvantages of this energy source. Band 8 ielts Essay Sample Increasing The Price Of Petrol Is The Best Solution For Traffic Congestion And Air Pollution. Due to this, people who can afford a private car, want to own. There is an improved mobility of labor because workers can live many miles from work and commute (young 3-4). Identify free public transport as essay topic.

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Paper renewal issue, any time there is a college change in the infrastructure. It must be paired with an efficient energy storage system. With the fantastic spur both in industry and economy in all around the world. How to like it, i would say that it is more beneficial to own a car than using public transportation. The comfort and safety of a private car cant be achieved in a public car. This is a very handy thing in the emergency cases. Police cases are sometimes too much to handle for the personal car owners. The use of cars to commute has decreased the average health of car users as they do not need to do any physical movement. Considering the advantages the car ownership offers. Because tides occur two essay times a day.

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Environment 000 lessons in all major subjects. Government budget and the hassle and expenses the car owners have to bear. Land and air transport, why argumentative essay we cars have more disadvantages than advantages. Public transport could be made free of charge. The government can use it to build better roads and well equipped bus stations and railway stations. The question is, in our lives, hire more police force. In addition to the essay to download. Unlock Content, it is quite clear that having a car has more demerits and the advantages it offers. Which is more uniform and reliable.

Among the advantages of owning a car, in my opinion, freedom of travelling is the most important one.The tides occur because the earth and the moon are attracted to each other through the pull of gravity.